Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Val'anyr - Who gets it?

Yesterday Ferraro outlined Val'anyr the new healing legendary mace, and she did it much better than I could. If you're looking for a writeup on how awesome the mace is, that would be my first read. Instead, I'm going to layout how we decided how to assign the fragments within my guild.

First, a brief explanation on our loot rules. We don't use DKP, Suicide Kings, or pretty much any other method that requires administrative overhead to carry from week to week. We use a fairly straight /roll system, and we've managed to avoid any serious loot drama so far. You can see our complete loot rules here if you're really interested.

The problem that this opened up for us regarding Val'anyr was, how do we make it a significant investment for someone to get, and yet still keep the system fair? Back when I was tanking on my warrior in MC, I hoarded every DKP I could on the off chance that one of the coveted bindings would drop. I'm sure everyone has heard the horror storis of rogues getting the bow from KJ, and the drama-glaives were aptly named.


After much discussion, we decided that in order to make the commitment to Val'anyr worth it, we had to include some sacrifice. This was posted on our forums for a week, and in the end only 30% of our healers decided to opt in.

Legendary Mace

With the addition of a new legendary item, and our lack of DKP, we want to establish early on who will get the mace - seeing as the shards only drop off hard mode bosses and it may be a bit before we see any shards. Given the status of the mace however, we want to make sure that the penalty for being guaranteed this drop is significant enough that the decision to go after it is not taken lightly.

At this time, we have decided that whoever is going to be awarded the shards will have to sacrifice ALL of their need rolls on loot. This means you will be the last person to get your tier 8, and the last person to get need roll loot. Any main spec roll will beat you - however you can rest assured that the first legendary mace will be yours.

All those interested should post in this thread before next Tuesday. Raid attendance will be considered - so if you skip out on the early nights knowing you get no loot, you'll lose your claim on the mace later on.


Officers of S-a-S
Drumroll please

On our first night in Ulduar, like many guilds, we knocked out the Flame-Leviathan. Of the 3 healers who posted interest in the mace (given the loot rules), only two of us were online and available to raid that night. The thrid healer bailed at the last moment, and forfited his roll due to missing the raid. While no shard actually dropped that night, the lords of the RNG were with me. Two weeks in, and I've picked up one fragment - and my paladin partner is giddy with the prospect of all her free loot. Her dice suck and she knows it.


In the end, I don't think it matters how you handle this loot item - as long as your system is fair and consistant. We didn't add weight to someone's eligibility simply because they were an officer, or they always topped the meters (like those matter) in Naxx. We picked a system that was as fair as it could be, and we're sticking with it. Now I just need 29 more and a hard mode Yaggy kill...


  1. We've had a fragment drop from FL, so I don't know where they got the idea that they only drop off hard mode bosses.

  2. There's actually a small chance to drop off the bosses in 'regular' 25 man, but the chances go up significantly when you do the bosses in hard mode.


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