Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blah blah - we all know

So yeah - we all know that 3.3 is here and the servers are going to be a royal mess. UI's will be destroyed, raids will crash, and random DCs will crush the hopes of many groups attempting Saurfang tonight.

With the new LFG system in place, and the now easily attainable T9 gear, more and more alts and lower geared players will begin to rise to the raiding scene. Depending on the difficulty of ICC, we should be seeing PUG raids roll through it fairly quickly.

I'm fairly encouraged to see the changes in the LFG tool. It should be easier to get my DPS alt into some groups, though I'm sure that is the thought of the majority of the playerbase as well.

Not going to detail the changes to Paladins - I've already covered it, and it's easily available from the patch notes. The five cent version though is that we took a small hit for PvP 'extra lives', and there was a slight adjustment to push PvP Holy back into the Holy tree.

I should have some more substansive posts later this week as we explore the new content.

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