Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tanking Crib Sheet – Putricide

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you vs. Putricide – courtesy of Mongrr, our resident budding Warren Miller. Please remember to watch it in HD – it’s worth it. Tips and such on Putricide following the movie (bring popcorn, it’s a long one). Our raid comp is:

Tanks: Amathalanea(me) - Protadin – Putricide tank. Unbearabull - Feral – Abom tank/driver.

Melee DPS: Reaganomics – Retadin (he does 18kDPS, just ask him), Vierda – Rogue, Shamburger – Enhancement (tosses out many gratuitous CH).

Ranged DPS: Kainai – Mage, Mooshocka – Elemental, Cowculus – Boomkin,

Heals: Mongrr – Disc Priest (POV for the movie), Root - Tree


You’re going to want two tanks on this fight (three for 25 man), so figure out who gets to be the Abom and eat the slime pools. If you’re struggling with the hit cap, this would be a good fight to slide the taunt glyph in, as there will be a lot of tank swapping in Phase 3. Note: There are slime pools (green), oozes (green and orange/brown), and malleable ooze. Pools are bad and get eaten by the Abom. Oozes are DPS’d like mad, and slowed by the Abom. Malleable ooze is really bad (only comes in P2/P3), but the only way it will hit you is if some chuckle-headed DPS is standing behind/near you.

Phase 1

Main Tank (on Putricide)

· Pull the boss towards the orange gas tank. If you look in the video above at about the 20 second mark, you can see how far away from him when the first slime goes down. His hit box is big – but he follows real well.

· Bunch up on the green ooze that forms, along with the rest of the DPS. This will help spread the damage out if you don’t kill the ooze in time, and AOE melee effects will tick on Putri. PRO TIP: Don’t have the raid stack on the stunned member until after the 2nd slime pools are cast – otherwise you’ll probably kill someone.

· Drag Putri over to the green gas tank and wait for either Phase 2 or the orange ooze (P2 starts at 80%). You do NOT want an ooze out when P2 starts, so either stop DPS, or burn hard.

Abom Tank

· Your #1 job in life is to eat slime. Your #2 job is to slow the ooze when they spawn. If you have time, and your MT positions Putricide well, you can hit him with your armor debuff ability (especially useful if you have lots of melee).

· You need 50 energy for your slow ability – this is two whole pools, so don’t dawdle getting them consumed.

· Do not go into P2/P3 near any raid member, as your AoE will put them in the hurt locker quickly.

· Your buff/debuff is a disease, so don’t let anyone cleanse you.

Phase 2 80% - 1:16 in the video

Main Tank

· Pretty much a repeat of Phase 1, watch out for some gas containers on the ground (kite away) and the malleable ooze if DPS stands behind you. You will spend all of Phase 2 kiting between the two tanks as the corresponding oozes are killed.

Abom Tank

· See above. Make sure you’re eating the slimes as quickly as possible.

Phase 3 35% - 5:41 in the video

Main Tank

· Watch your timers closely, you cannot afford to have an ooze out (or forming) when you push to P3.

· Start in a corner and kite around the room. As long as nobody gets behind you, you’ll be able to effectively move around the room keeping your DPS out of the slime pools and the gas canisters. You can see an example of them at the 6:19 mark, they look like candles in the slime pool just in front of the Boomkin.

· Taunt rotate with your OT. You will get a debuff that quickly scales out of control. Try and tank swap at the 2,4,5,6 mark. If both tanks have 5 or 6 debuffs, you probably will not negotiate the encounter successfully (the debuff causes stacking raid damage).

· DO NOT LOSE THE DEBUFF. If you die, bubble out of the debuff, have it drop off to time, etc – Putri will heal back a ton of HP.

· Kite, kite, kite. He doesn’t hit too hard – so use CDs as needed.

Abom Tank

· Join the MT and play taunt tag. All the above refers to you at this point as well.


All in all this is a fun fight, even if Mongrr did complain that the FRAPSing is tough because of the music issues. Personally I don’t think this fight is nearly as long as Vashj or Kael’Thas – but Kael had his whole monologue you had to wade through.

Facelifter drops in 10 man, a nice tanking sword that should get bonus DPS for having a cool name. Much better looking than the mace from Marrowgar. Essentially the same weapon, trading hit and expertise.

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