Friday, December 10, 2010

Back to 80

So my foray into the world of the dark arts lasted about 4 days. Today I got word that our 2nd healer wasn't going to be able to dedicate the time we require to be able to raid with us. This left us with a couple of choices.

  1. Me to dump my lock and go back to the Paladin. This costs us the INT buff from the Felhound, but lets us make use of Spell Plate, and gives the priest full shot at cloth drops. This also lets Monger stay on his ele shaman, but be a backup healer.
  2. Monger goes Resto Shaman, I stay Lock. This puts Grievus (our spriest) in the position of being a 3rd healer. Not a role he's really comfortable with or enjoys.
  3. Stay lock and recruit another healer. Since we're now at an 11 man roster, this is our least favored option. None of us want to sit, and we're already one over the cap.

So, this morning I cleared out my bags, learned the new flying, and tonight I'll be churning through Hyjal to push towards 85. Like Kurn, at least now I have rested XP to work off of, plus we have the 5% bonus from the lvl 2 guild rewards. Another plus is no more 35min ques for randoms - hello instant ques!

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  1. Just when you thought you were safe, they drag you back in!! ;) Here's to another 80-85 grind!


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