Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things to do before 4.3

With 4.3 on the horizon, it's now time to take stock of what I need to do before it hits.  This is something I do before every patch, though it's something I'm generally bad at sticking to.  After all, what's the point of making a list if I can't deviate from it later?

Step One

Do nothing.  I'm serious here.  I've taken this stance since TOC was released, and it hasn't failed me yet.  As much as I read up on class notes and such, I'm the last guy who knows where anything is come patch day.  It's my 5 minutes of finding something new - back up off me.  I still look back with fondness at the utter chaos at trying to find our way back to the ICC 5 mans when they first came out.  Wait, you fly up where?

Step Two

I'll probably spend some time thinking about PvP, and if I'm really on the ball I'll stock up on 4k/4k Honor and JP so I can buy the previous season's PvP gear.  I know I won't PvP that much, but it'll save me some hassle for those few weeks when I think it's something I want to do.  Every season I think about doing 2v2 and 3v3, and then I remember the day I left my shadow in Nagrand after getting hit by a pair of trinket-POM-Pyro mages in Season 2 (or was it 3?).

This really is a good step to take though, since I'll be able to kit out quickly.  Alternatively I'll be trying to decide which alt I think I want to PvP with (right now it's a hunter or a Disc Priest) and I'll try to power-level them up and max out their honor/JP.

Step Three

At some point when reading the patch notes I'll pick up on things like "Chaos orbs will no longer be soulbound" and other such goodies.  At this point I'll make a plan to /need on as many as I can before 4.3, so I can sell them all off.  At least now you have to have the profession to get them in 5 mans.  It seems like after the patch everyone will be able to roll on them again, and you know everyone will be /needing on them to either sell, or hand off to their one crafting toon.  Whatever, that's what the need button is for, right?  Let's not get into the whole debate that my need for gold is less than your need for anything else.  Or my need to cause misery to others.  After all, I play a Warlock and a Paladin - between sucking souls and being self-righteous, I can make anyone's day worse.

Oh, and I sing to Voss.  He loves it, he just can't admit it in front of the others.

Step Four

Play a few more alts, and enjoy how easy it is to level up now.  I really can't wait for the nerf to the required XP for 71-80 - but it's still stupidly easy to level.  Stuipdly easy I say.  Oh, and hunters are idiotically OP in lower brackets of PvP - you know, just in case you've been avoiding that.  I might also play with twinking out a toon, but that motivation usually lasts about 24 hours of real time.

Step Five

Forget everything above, and do nothing but play Starcraft II (I'm so bad at ladder, I'm in the plastic spoon/rounded scissors league) and Space Marine, while waiting on BC3.

Editor's Note - that's me

Thanks to Sin for pointing out that I've been calling the "Dragon Soul" patch the "Demon Soul" patch.  Whoops.

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  1. Good post. First time to the site, but I'm taking the time off/ leveling an alt strategy. I've also been getting my xmog gear in order as well. Now 4.3 is just a week or two away!


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