Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gen - Direction of me and this blog

Like many WoW players (this is based purely on the people I know), I'm currently playing TOR as my primary MMO.  WoW is still there for my primary raiding needs, but I'm thouroughly enjoying a game that I haven't explored from top to bottom.  I've killed Deathwing.  I've collected a ton of pets.  I've pretty much done everything I've set out to do.  Of course I'll still be here for MoP, but probably in a much reduced capacity.

Nothing much to talk about

Right now there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot to discuss regarding WoW.  We've looked at talents, raiding, guild applications, and fail PUGs.  MoP will bring some more discussion out of the woodwork, as we look at the severly reduced talent trees, companion pet combat (never before have I so wished I had a zergling or Diablo) and the new instances and raids.  Right now though I am 100% certain that my only raiding will be done via the LFR, as upcoming life changes will eliminate my ability to commit to fixed raid schedule. 

So where do I go from here?

I still need an outlet for my occasional thoughts and rants, so Divine Plea will stay open for that purpose.  I'll be talking about TOR from time to time (I never did think this day would come), especially the points that I think are more interesting - like Light vs Dark.  I'll also be writing about interesting WoW changes.  Don't look for boss strats or BiS lists anytime soon though.

Thanks to everyone who's followed along so far, and I hope to see you around here still.


  1. Most of the people that I follow on my RSS feed I did so because of the way they wrote and expressed themselves more so than the content. I am sure the Pandas will bring you back to WoW in some way. I also like hearing about TOR even though I have no plans to play it. Good luck! :)

  2. Feel free to talk madly about TOR, I find right now there's very little interesting blogs about it!

  3. Marcelo is aboslutely right! Just keep blogging about the game(s) you are playing. Who knows what the future holds? Perhaps WoW can win your valuable game time again!


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