Thursday, November 12, 2009

The moments that last

And I'm not talking about that STD you got as a freshman either.

No, what I'm talking about is the moments in game (generally a monumental screwup) that seem to last and follow you forever. Of course some of these are things like first kills, a Crush of the Week, or the day you won that awesome pet/gear. Generally though, the ones your friends remember are the screwups.

After nearly five years of playing together, we certainly have our share of moments in guild. The most recent one's tend to be held over your head - until someone else steps in it. For example one of our shaman kept dying on Twins to ball strikes. We finally moved him to stand in the middle of the melee. Every once in a while he'd leave that protective zone and die - so it became a harp point - until the day our hunter couldn't shoot down a frozen orb (costing us an Insanity run). After last Tuesday's incident - I'm sure I'll be double checked for a while.

Here's a few of our most interesting moments from the years.

  • First Nef kill ever. Much screaming and cheering - and then calling the phone of the Master Looter. Turns out he was drunk and passed out during the picture taking.
  • First Fyrre emo-quit. I think this happened during my first week of raiding - ever. Some hunter (cough, Rage) looked over the bridge and wondered "I wonder if you can pull Golemagg" seconds before popping him in the head. Sixty seconds later, Golemagg and his buddies arrived. The GM/Raid Lead was not amused. Much hilarity ensued.
  • You're the bomb! Same hunter, different raid. During a fit of yelling about moving when you've got the debuff from Baron Gheddon - he blew up half the raid. Slightly better was time someone got the tell "You're the bomb" and they replied with "Thanks, I know!" - seconds before they wiped the raid.
  • I DE'd it. One of our members when asked where his guild provided Onyxia scale cloak was while we were learning BWL. He'd gotten a cloak with more Fire Resist, so naturally he didn't need the Ony one any more.
  • Guy's I'm stunned. Tree druid on his (at least) 5th Maiden kill in Kara.
  • Stand in the fire, the healers need the practice. Me to a super causal (but want to be HC) guild in SSC - clearing trash to Leo. Someone actually asked if I was serious.
  • OH !*$&!. Me - when I realized I was tanking Twin Valks in Holy PvP gear.
  • I got an Eclipse proc! Seconds before our Moonkin started tanking Stalagg on Thadidus. Fortunately she had experience from tanking Moroes - as Moonkin.
  • I never go insane! DK, 45 sec after a wipe on Yogg - in which he went insane.
  • I didn't level lockpicking or I don't have those poisons. Fail rogue is fail.
  • I'm not spec'd for kick. Rogue on Shade of Aran - when told to interrupt.
There are many more, especially from the day's of No Dice - but these are some that stand out in my mind.

Tomorrow - a look at how I'm actually part of the problem with Paladins.


  1. I Still take as many balls to the face as before, Now i just spam heals on myself and you that you all catch a lucky CH bounce.

  2. o the days of forgotten fury and no dice

  3. This is why I don't drink vodka and raid now.


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