Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Festergut and Rotface Tanking Crib Sheet

Festergut and Rotface are the two bosses you’ll face before taking on Putricide in the Plagueworks wing of ICC. Neither of these bosses is exceptionally challenging from a tank point of view, but they do require coordination between the tanks.


· You will get a stacking debuff on you that increases the damage you o by 10% per stack. You’ll explode when you get to 10 stacks, so have the OT taunt off when you get to 7 or 8 stacks.

· If you can wait for 8 stacks yours will be falling off just as the OT is getting to 8 stacks. You’ll also give the OT the best chance of surviving the giant AOE that will occur around this time.

· Paladins: Put your SS on your arcane mage if you have one – there is a constant AOE tick and the absorb will boost their spellpower. Use Divine Sacrifice when Festergut does his exhale. The raid should have lots of resist buffs by this time, but every bit helps.

· Coordinate cooldowns when you have 6+ stacks and Festergut has 3 of his buffs up.

· Divine Shield removes the stacks of debuffs (not sure about Hand of Protection, but I doubt it will).

· Stop attacking after you taunt, if you accidently get to 10 stacks, you’ll explode (and probably wipe the raid). Use Salvation and click off Righteous Fury to buy yourself some breathing room. (Thanks for the tip Wrathy and Ryan).

· Tank him in the dead middle of the room. If melee get in front of him you might get a DoT pool on your feet – so be prepared to slide.


· One tank is required to hold Rotface. Your primary responsibility is to not fall asleep between ooze explosions when you’ll need to move Rotface to a portion of the floor that isn’t covered in slime, and then back to the center when the ooze bombs disappear.

o Paladins tanking Rotface should keep an eye on the 2nd tank to throw them a Hand of Freedom if they accidently get caught in slowing slime while kiting.

· Tank #2 doesn’t even really need to be a tank at all, though the taunt helps. Your job will be to run around the outside of the room kiting a giant slime and avoiding pools of goo. Raid members will be running to you in an effort to drop off their little slimes.

o Key note – the little slimes are not tauntable – once two get together to form a big slime, then you can taunt and start your laps.

o You’re basically a NASCAR driver for this fight, though you’ll dodge slime pools better if you go clockwise instead of counter-clockwise.

· Watch for raid members who don’t move fast enough, and they have two small oozes make a 2nd Big Ooze in the middle of the room – they hurt a lot and can quickly wipe your raid.

· Paladin tanks kiting can cleanse the poison themselves when they get close so they oozes merge nicely – the DOT hurts though, so pick your damage.


These two bosses don’t have any really difficult portions for the tanks, like say Firefighter (I’m sure heroic will be tougher). Festergut is all about managing your debuffs and resistance stacks, and Rotface is all about not falling asleep while kiting or standing in one spot.

Putricide pointers as soon as we get to him (hopefully up Friday morning).

Edited because I fail at reading tooltips.


  1. Just a clarification of sorts, The gastric bloat debuff that Festergut puts on the tank and stacks does not increase damage taken, it increases damage done! The only mechanic that increases the damage that Festergut does are inhales. Each time he inhales, he reduces raid damage and increases tank damage. So the strategy is correct, however the part about the debuff on the tank is incorrect.

  2. "You will get a stacking debuff on you that increases the damage you take by 10% per stack."

    I thought it increased your damage output, not your damage taken?

    Also, why "Stop attacking after you taunt", did you mean after you get taunted off of? And to help out I've read the recommendation of poping Salv or removing RF and then continuing to help DPS since you have the nice DPS boost debuff. Maybe the live fight was changed and I'm completely wrong since I haven't done it yet.

  3. If I could link a YouTube video here it'd be that short scene in Alladin where the genie turns into a sheep.

    I feel sheepish.

    Thanks for the catch/correction on the debuff. I completely misread the tooltip while we were working on him.


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