Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dungeon Finder Changes

So Blizzard has made a couple of changes to the LFD system recently, but it seems they're still not happy with the way players are interacting in random dungeons. Recently it was announced that a few changes were coming down the pipe to hopefully curtail some of the more bothersome behaviors.

Here are the highlights.

  • If you que with a tank or healer, and that tank/healer drops soon after entering the dungeon, the playsers queing with the tank/healer are kicked as well.

Holy *#&@ is this great. First, it should kill the WTS/WTB instant que nosense that we're seeing now. While it's fine and dandy that you're next in line for a tank if someone pulls this on you, it's still gaming the system and shouldn't be allowed. I'm looking forward to this change.

  • Players outside the instance for more than 3 minutes are now immediately able to be kicked.

Just another quality of life issue resolved. I'm sure someone will do the 2:45 jump in/out, but I'm guessing there will be another underlying mechanic to help negate this.

  • Groups queing together will be watched more closely. Groups of 3 will require a 4th vote to kick someone, groups of 4 will incur more severe penalties for kicking someone.

I don't know how this will really work, but it's a good thought to prevent a group queing with a non-tank as a tank, kicking the 5th player, and then requeing to get a new tank.

Overall I think these changes will help with some good quality of life changes. There may be some issues where legitimate players/groups get stuck with a poor tank/DPS, but you can see what they're trying to fix. We should see a little less of the annoying behaviors, though there will still be general idiocy in your standard 5 stranger PUG. These changes don't do anything to help out in that regard, they just try and fix the things that are actually manageable at this stage.

Personally, I'm more excited about the change to Guild Rep for killing raid bosses. The fewer randoms I have to do the better.


  1. I always understood the instant queue idea as the premium a tank or healer was demanding to have some DPS ride on their coattails to shorten the queue for that DPS - but that the healer or tank were planning on doing a dungeon anyway and would continue through to the end.

    If anyone is going to queue, for a long or short time, and drop group immediately they zone in they should be penalised.

  2. Hmmm, I just started raiding and we downed Magmaw for the first time last week. In a 7:45 minute, I got 2 procs from Blessed Life. Somehow that doesn't seem worth it...

  3. @Saunder - nah - the que they are selling is say 50g for me to queue with you as a tank, then I drop group and you get the next tank that queues (Not that I've done this). It sucks too, because you're basically gaming the system and it impacts everyone else.

    @no.19 - yeah BL is really situational. The question is, where else are you going to put the points. I went back to a full WOG build for heroics, but only because I'm not using LoD to its full effectiveness in 10s. If I was doing 25s, then it'd be worth it I think.

  4. I always advertise my daily random in trade, but I don't do the Join and drop routine. I want my 70VP's to sell boots to feed my alt


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