Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick update

Not dead yet, though I swear my wife tried to kill me by introducing me to the 200 some odd people that were at our wedding last weekend. We took most of a week off from raiding so I could handle the wedding business (it's strange trying to type with a ring on), and then I got the friggin plague.

On a plus note, we finally downed Nef this week using a 2 tank, 3 healer strategy (Disc, HPriest, HPaladin). I'm sure we'll have a kill video up soon, but you can check out the WoL here if you're into that kind of thing. On the docket this week will be our first attempts at heroic bosses, as well as a shot at a repeat Nef kill - since this one was pretty sloppy. Our add tank went down at around 5%, and it was a race to the finish line after that.

I'm open for any tips on the heroic bosses, as they look to be quite a hand full. It seems only one guild on our server has managed to kill 2 heroic bosses, and only two others have done one. This last patch may push those numbers up some though, so it's still anyone's ball game.

Now to finish my post on Heartsong vs. Power Torrent - and why you shouldn't do math at 5am.

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