Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 19 - What's in my bags/bank?

I feel pretty silly writing this, because my bags are filled with the most mundane things.  Since we can caccess the guild bank remotely now, and I have a Jeeves, carrying all this seems silly, but I really don't care.  I use ArkInventory to organize my bags, which is really handy.  I would love to find a way to sort out items that are in item/gear sets, or even just to say anything with STR goes in this column, and INT goes in this one.  At least that'd be a start.

So, in my bags I have the following.

  • A full set of tank gear.  I don't think it's all gemmed and enchanted any more, but I have it.  I try and keep it updated, but I haven't tanked in at least a month or more.
  • Some swap out healing gear.  I have some extra trinkets and weapons with different enchants.  To be honest though, I can't remember the last time I swapped them out.  I generally have what I consider to be my BiS equipped - and anything less is well, less.  I may build up an alternate set for Mastery, but I wouldn't count on it.
  • 100 Fortune cookies.  I'm far too lazy to fish up all the different foods I need, and the stupid INT fish don't swim in pools anyway.  I might fish them up if they were (just for the achievment and the fish feast), but since they aren't, I don't care.  I just buy fortune cards and make cookies.  I haven't hit the jackpot yet, but it's cool.  It's all guild bank money anyway.
  • Flasks, pots, and other raiding sundry items.  I like to stay stocked up, even though I rarely use a mana pot, and we have cauldrons for flasks (hello 3 hour flask buff).
  • My fishing gear, just in case the mood strikes me.
My bank looks pretty much the same.  A few stacks of food, some eternals and herbs for crafting, some enchanting mats.  I should probably liquidate it all, but really, I don't need to.  Of course even with this, I still want more space.  I'm currently scheming how to get my hands on a bunch of Illusionary bags.  Now, do I "NEED" 26 slot bags?  No.  Between mules, alts, etc, it's kind of silly.  But do I WANT 26 slot bags?  Oh yes.  Unfortunately, I don't see a bank split in our future (at least not until 4.2), so I might have to actaully work for them. 


Tomorrow, the conclusion of this series.  What would I do if it were my last day of WoW?


  1. Here's some ArkInventory rules you may find useful.

    Gear sets:
    I have a set of gear (using the WoW gear manager, but I think it works with Outfitter too) called "Ret". So this rule (set with a really high priority) organizes my whole set of Ret:

    outfit( "Ret" )

    Items with int:
    Now, the outfit rule works great for things in my bags, since it's all part of my rules. But in my bank I have lots of older gear which aren't part of any active sets, but I want organized into gear with int, for healer stuff, so I use this rule:

    tt( "intellect", "spell power" ) and ilvl( 200, 300 )

    The tt rule reads the tooltip. The ilvl you can remove or tweak. I haven't updated this rule since WoTLK.

    I have some other rules for my bags I like:

    Equipment to vendor:
    equip() and q( "uncommon", "rare" )

    Equipment to auction:
    equip() and q( "rare", "epic" ) and not sb()

    Then I use some built in filters (like trade goods -> cloth) and the above rules to make sections of my bags that I always auction, and sections I vendor.

    ArkInventory is the bee's knees.

  2. <3 to you. I'll give those a shot and see if I can't get it working. This would be oh so magical.


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