Friday, May 13, 2011

Tier 12 - the latest and greatest update

Ladies and genltemen, it's PTR time again, and you know what that means.  That's right, it's time to get up in arms craaazzzzyyyy over changes that might not last out the week.  Earlier today I talked about the massive slap in the face that occured with the proposed increase in our spell costs, never mind the fact that I pump out more HPS than Monger does, and make our shaman look just plain silly.  Hmm - on that note I'm thinking Mastery might be worth looking at again for 25m raiding....but anyway, I digress.

No, it's now time to look at what (is now) the second round of changes to our T12 gear!  That's right, for the low low cost of just a single mouse-click, you too can be outraged and mystified by Blizzard's line of thinking!  Or, we can be rational - but we all know that ain't happening.

The latest T12 Bonuses

I'm not even going to bother with what the T12 bonueses were on Tuesday, since they're OBVIOUSLY so outdated.  I mean, 1% mana back when healing your BoL target is SO yesterday.  No, I'm just going to touch on the latest version - which will probably be changed by the time I post this.

2 piece bonus - Healing with Holy Shock has a 40% to return 6% of your base mana. 

Hmm - well that's not bad I suppose.  I mean, the law of averages means you're bound to get a couple of procs.  After all, Eternal Glory procs pretty regularly.  Even so, it's not really much of a boost.  In fact, all it's really doing is lowering the cost of that one Holy Shock to 3% of your base mana.  Whooo.  Nice to get a mana reduction on a spell we use a lot, but I don't see myself scrambling to get this 2 piece bonus.

4 piece bonus - Divine Light, Holy Light, and Flash of Light also heal a nearby target (within 8yds) for 10% of the ammount healed. 

So, your 50k DL crit will heal the hunter's pet for 5k - unless it's a smart heal.  Again, this is a "eh, that's ok" bonus vs. a "AMG MUST GET" bonus.  Any incidental healing you get from this will be nice, especially if it also procs to your BOL target (look, I'll never turn down extra healing for my BoL target), but it's not going to be a break the bank scenario.  At least the priest one calls down a pillar of healing fire - where the hell is our pillar of healing wind chime?


While I'm sure I'll nab the 2pc bonus just becuase I'll be buying the gear, I'm not going to set a new speed record to try and pick it up.  I like that the bonuses aren't automatically superior, because as long as the off set stuff actually matches (cause you know looking good is 1/2 the battle), you will have some choices in how you gear.  Anyone who doesn't think that having matching gear and the proper hair-do gives you at least a 10% bonus to awesome - well - you're just missing out.

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