Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ask Mr. Robot - What are you doing?

I love Ask Mr. Robot.  I really do.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve spent thousands in reforgeing my gear, or that I’ve swapped out gems/chants just to please that little optimize button.  No, where I scratch my head is how the stat weights actually are computed.  Now normally I have one simple rule for doing my reforge.  Hit to 17% > Haste > Mastery > Crit.  That’s it.  It’s really similar to my standard Paladin reforging.  Haste > Mastery > Crit.  Sure, I’ve played with heavy Mastery builds, or looked at high crit builds, but once I find something that works, I usually stick with it.

Mr. Robot throws that right into the frigging blender.

Now I will admit that it’s a bit more of a challenge with a DPS than the Pally.  Keeping that 17% hit mark is a fine dancing game, and I’ve probably reforged my Darkmoon card two dozen times since starting in Firelands.  It’s just so much mastery that can be swapped out, it’s a big bump.  With the Pally it’s generally look at a piece of gear.  If Haste = 0, reforge something to haste, otherwise, leave it alone. 

Here’s where I run into the /headbang moments with my lock. 

See, I regularly raid with two specs, Demo and Affliction.  Personally I like the feel of Affliction better, but some fights (H-Rhy and Rag right now) require that I be Demo for one reason or another.  For Rhy it’s the awesome AoE, and for Rag it’s the fact that without being Demo, I have exactly zero stuns for the sons.  OK, so that’s fine, but where Mr. Robot throws me a wrench is that even though both builds value Haste > Mastery > Crit (according to Mr. Robot), they value them at different rates.  So in one build I might be told to reforge 3 pieces, then I’ll log out as Demo and be told that 9 pieces need to be swapped.  I “KNOW” that the plus/minus is minimal at best between the two, but I often forget that I’m logged out as Demo instead of Aff.  It’s just mind boggling that there is such a difference, when ranking wise the stats are the same – they just have different values.

After more than one trip to the loan sharks to pay for my reforge, I pay a bit closer attention to how I’m logged out before getting the Robot’s opinion.  Personally I find the tool to be invaluable for getting me as close to the hit cap without going over – and completely irritating when I’m not paying 100% attention.


  1. Mr. Robot thinks you are a very smart person for using his site. You will be offered protection during the Robot Apocalypse.

    For your issue with trying to optimize a set of gear for both Affliction and Demonology... the main issue is that the stat priority for Demonology is really more like Mastery > Haste > Crit. There is a soft cap on Haste at 25% in our default stat weights, which is pretty easily obtainable in raid gear. So, the stat weights chart shows haste > mastery > crit - but that is before the soft cap.

    Our testing has shown that you can get a DPS increase by favoring Mastery for Demonology, but it's not going to be HUGE. If you use Affliction most of the time, I would say just stick with your gear being optimized for Affliction and you will still do fine on the couple of fights you go Demon for.

  2. Actually, you could probably bump up the weight on Mastery for affliction slightly, since right now we have mastery = crit for affliction. By bumping it up a little, you'll get better results with Demonology and probably only very slightly weaker results with Affliction.

  3. Thanks for the tips, I'll try that.

    Any chance of getting proection from the Zombies as well?

  4. Sounds similar to what mage was like when I was still raiding...something like

    If haste>1500 and crit<1200 crit>haste>mastery except on tuesdays, or if you had chicken for dinner the night before, then it was haste>mastery>crit

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  6. I pretty much use this thread now that I raid warlock too.


    And for stat weights I make my own. Using the sim they have already done for you http://www.simulationcraft.org/420/Warlock.html

    That being said Impending Doom really pisses me off. Along with not being able to always depend on how fast the end of the fight goes. I often find myself having to hold chalice/meta/demonsoul instead of using it past 30-40%ish or I may get caught not being able to use it and/or summon Doomguard during burn phase.


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