Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting called up

This week we added a slew of new recruits to S-a-S, not the least of which was a pair of shamans (not one, but TWO, TWO HA HA HA) of the elemental and resto variety. Over the course of the raid our mewmewkitty started getting lag issues and one of our hunters was having her hair held back by her rogue bf. I do have to give them props though, they were still both doing great DPS.

As we were sitting on Freya (two guardians left to pull) I whip up the guild roster and look for DPS...ahh, ret pally and the new elemental shaman. The retadin was sitting outside, and had called ahead to let us know he'd probably be late, but the shaman was in Naxx. Naxx! On a progression night, as a new recruit no less.

I decided right there it was time to initiate guild readiness test #1. I let him know he was being called up to the majors and it was time to knock off the AA ball. He probably had a clue, but if he'd turned us down he'd of been hitting the bricks soon after. Like a trooper though he dumped his Naxx* (see note at the end) and was in Ulduar by the time we'd finished clearing the trash.

Time for test #2. "Is Telroc on vent", and yes, yes he was. Quick brief of the fight, and away we went. I double checked, and sure enough, flasked and well fed. I love it when recruits meet some nomal minimums.

Over the night our two shamans did well, a few extraneous deaths, dps that was a touch low...but overall for being tossed head first into the deep-end, I was pretty pleased.


These guys did everything right on their first night of raiding with us. On time, ready to go, and fully set on consumables. No complaining or turning down of a raid spot because they were Pugging with friends...yeah. They even both scored some loot, which is always a bonus.

*Note - when Telroc dumped his raid, I'm really hoping that there was the "Hey guys, my guild needs me for 25 man Ulduar" - and that he'd warned them before hand that he might get pulled. We don't replace a member willy nilly from the raid, but when we do it's nice to have someone ready to go at the drop of the hat.

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