Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Once more into the breech - PvP build

So I know I was going to talk about a 28/43/0 build today, but I haven't had a chance to try it out on my own yet. On paper it looks doable, but I need to do some more theory-crafting before I can really write on it.

Getting the gear

In addition to needing some theory-crafting, I'm missing some (ok, all) of the PvP gear required to make that build work. So to help with the research, I've been sticking my head into BGs this last week.

I started out with my standard 51/0/20 build, putting Beacon on me, and SS on my pocket DPS (or myself if I didn't have one). This worked fairly well for a few BGs, but eventually they are going to recognize that the guy wearing a skirt (It's a kilt!) and sporting glowy hands needs to go.

Surviving the burst

Without any resilience, yeah - I'm that PvE guy in your BG, I can get burst down pretty fast. Even putting SS on my own head doesn't do much for my longevity. One on One it works alright, and I think I made a rogue cry at one point, but it's not going to hold up against multiple opponents.

I did a little digging for specs, but I quickly realized that there are a lot of opinions out there. I decided early on that I was going for survivability and throughput, with cleansing options taking a back seat. With the ammount of damage being tossed out, and the speed in which poisons can be applied, trying to cleanse between healing GCDs was enough to make anyone cry.

How it looks

I finally settled on a variation of the 51/20 build, but swapped out a few talents.

Holy talents

Spiritual Focus - 5/5 - stopping pushback is pretty mandatory.
Seals of the Pure - 0/5 - does any build really use this?

Healing Light - 3/3 - more healing is always good.
Divine Intellect - 5/5 - more mana never hurts.
Unyielding Faith - 2/2 - nerf fear.

Aura Mastery - 1/1 - Immune to interrupts is great, but I have to play with the changes to auras more.
Illumination - 5/5 - mmm, mana.
Imp. Lay on Hands - 0/2 - it's not that I don't like LoH, but I don't have the points to spare.

Imp. Concentration Aura - 3/3 - more silence and interrupt resist
Imp. Blessing of Wisdom - 0/2 - most PvP I've been in lately I don't have time to regen mana, I just use Kings for the HP and Int buff.
Blessed Hands - 0/2 - more absorbed damage is nice, but I didn't have the points to spare.

Pure of Heart - 0/2 - with poisons getting stacked on so quickly, they'll either fall off, or I'll have a moment to cleanse them. Usually after someone is dead.
Divine Favor - 1/1 - guaranteed HS crit, which gives me an instant FoL right after. Plus it gives access to HS.
Sanctified Light - 3/3 - mmm, crit. The crit for HL is fairly wasted since HS/FoL are the order of the day in PvP, but you can't turn down the free crit.

Purifying Power - 0/2 - if I have time to cleanse, the mana shouldn't be an issue either. If Exorcism could still be used on players this might have some viability for that extra punch to finish someone off, but again - if I have time for real DPS, the fight is probably going well enough already.
Holy Power - 5/5 - mmm, crit (really - 11% combined with Sanctified Light for Holy Shock).

Light's Grace - 0/3 - this would be worth picking up if Infustion of Light still gave a haste bonus to HL. With the change in 3.1 though, I'm still sitting at a fairly long HL, and winding up the first one really hurts.
Holy Shock - 1/1 - cant say anything about an instant that crits for over 7k and gives your an instant FoL. It's also an effective offensive spell. Killing someone while I'm holy always makes me giggle.
Blessed Life - 3/3 - we need points to get deeper to Beacon, and a 10% chance to take 50% damage isn't a bad way to spend them.

Sacred Cleansing - 0/3 - getting resistance never hurts, but I'm running out of points and as I've mentioned a few times, there's not a lot of time to cleasnse anyway. Maybe I'm doing it wrong though. If this made someone immune it'd be worth it, but a 30% increase to resistance when they probably don't have much to begin with doesn't seem worth it (another one I may be doing wrong).
Holy Guidance - 5/5 - more spell power never hurts.

Divine Illumination - 0/1 - if I had unlimited points I'd take it, but I'm getting miserly with them now.
Judgements of the Pure - 4/5 - i'm torn on this one. 3% more haste and a little more damage might be worth putting that 5th point in, but I like the range I get from the next tier, and pulling a point out for that is something I have to play with more.

Infusion of Light - 2/2 - instant FoL. Nuff said.
Enlightened Judgements - 2/2 - personally I like the range on this, but I'm looking at dropping a point out to max out JotP.

Beacon of Light - 1/1 - 2 for 1 healing. I can't say no to this.

Prot talents

Divinity - 5/5 - 5% more healing done and recieved. Tasty.
Divine Strength - 0/5 - leave this for the Retadins.

Stoacism - 3/3 - reduced stun time, and may keep your Divine Plea and SS from being dispelled.
Guardian's Favor - just in case you can get a 2nd HoP off during the battle. These points could go to dodge as well.
Anticipation - 0/5 - dodge is nice, but I need the points to get down two more tiers.

Divine Sacrifice - 1/1 - I just pop this when I pop my bubble for good measure. I'm really going for the next tier, but this is just bonus.
Improved Righteous Fury - 3/3 - 6% damage reduction is nothing to sneeze at, and it's not like I'm going to pull agro in PvP.
Toughness - 1/5 - this point can go anywhere, we're just heading deeper in the tree. The increased bonus to armor and slowing effects is just a bonus.

Divine Guardain - 2/2 - personally I love my SS, and making it tougher seems smart to me. These points might be better spent in Hammer or back down in Toughness, but for now, I'm putting them here.
Imp. Hammer of Justice - 0/2 - for arena play, the two points from Divine Guardian might be better spent here. I'm still playing with it.
Improved Devotion Aura - 3/3 - increased armor is a bonus, but odds are I'm going to be running Concentration arua to synergize with Aura Mastery. 6% bonus healing though, that's waht we're really after.


This might not be the best PvP spec out there, and I'm open to other thoughts. It seems to give me some longevity, and I don't have to waste all the points in ret to get Divine Purpose. Losing all the crit from the Ret tree hurts some as well. We'll have to see.

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  1. i wanted to clear up the 28/43/0 spec. i only use this build for general vezax (while wearing a full deadly set/offset and the pvp libram). for this encounter the only heal you can realistically use is FoL. this build + the correct gear will allow you to crit FoLs for upwards of 10k once you're raid buffed.

    this spec isn't the greatest for arena, though. i tried it for about 10 matches this season before i went with a different build. it's "ok" for bgs although not having light's grace hurts a lot.

    i'll try to put up my thoughts about pvp specs a little later today.


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