Friday, February 19, 2010

Algalon Kill Video

It's not Arthas, but hopefully it'll tide you over while I write up the crib sheet. An Arthas kill video will be a while in coming due to the size. We also need more zepplins (not a secret weapon, but a powerful tool none the less).


  1. Well... the size, and the fact that I FRAPS'ed all the 230987234907 attempts *except* the actual kill. -.- The *one* attempt I forget to hit record for... turns out to be the kill. :(

    I do have footage of the Frostmourne room though, that I plan on putting up tonight or tomorrow.

  2. For the life of me no matter how many times I watch it, I can not find the hunter???? LOL

  3. That's because he's dead for 95% of the fight.

  4. He dies around the 3:30 mark, on the Vuhdo frames he is in group 2, 2nd one down. You see him die, then he takes a BR right into an AOE blast and dies again.

    You don't see him running around because he's standing a minimum range with the melee - just far enough back to be able to shoot. If you do see him running - it's the only troll in the raid.


    Same fight - da bears perspective. I am far to lazy to add music. :P


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