Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tanking Crib Sheet – Valithria Dreamwalker

I feel kind of cheap writing this sheet. Valithria isn’t really a tanking fight at all, as the goal is to actually HEAL the boss up to full. There are a few things to watch out for though, so I’ll cover them here. I won’t spoil the surprises, but let’s just say the hallway leading to her is kind of interesting. Also, despite the rumors, there is actually a boss between Valithria and Sindragosa.

Yeah – that crib sheet is coming up next.

The setup and the pull

We used two tanks and three healers for this encounter. On the pull you’ll have four adds, little mini KTs called Risen Archmages. Gather them up and AOE them down. Watch out for glowing patches they drop, as they will toss you high into the air causing some significant falling damage.

The actual fight

While the healers are doing whatever it is they do, you’ll be dealing with waves of adds. Your kill priority is Blazing Skeletons (Do an AOE fire pulse), Risen Archmages (Do an AoE Frost volley), Blistering Zombies (stacking DoT on the tank, and they explode on death), and then finally the Glutonous Abomination. Watch your feet after the Abom dies – as there will be 7-10 Rot Worms that spawn up. They hit fairly hard (4k each), so get them rounded up and AoE’d down.

There will also be Supressors that come out to reduce healing on Valitria – ignore them as they have no agro table, just let the DPS burn them down.

If your healers are doing a good job of getting their healing buffs, you’re going to be fighting against some serious healing agro – keep your adds more than 10yds away for that extra threat cushion.

And that’s really all there is to this fight (for the tanks). Keep the adds rounded up and let your DPS burn them down. The fight seems to be tuned fairly tight (which is nice), and the bulk of the fight will actually be on your healers (like they don’t have enough stress).

For everyone who isn’t a tank

DPS – See the priority list above, but put the Supressors closer to the top of your list.

Healers – I really don’t know what the inside of the portals looks like, other than third hand information. There are little orbs you should be running through, but it sounds like it’s a floating encounter (similar to Phase 2 of KT in MGT). Grab your buffs and head out. You can stack them from portal to portal if you’re quick (and this will really help cut down the time of the encounter).

We used 2 healers for the dragon, and one for the tanks/raid as there isn’t a lot of raid damage (providing you kill the AoE trash mobs early. Stick with your priority targets, and keep your buff stacks up so you a) cut down on the time needed and b) don’t OOM halfway through the encounter.

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