Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am a slow tank

I came to a horrible realization last night while in a random dungeon on my druid. Despite my best efforts to be a 'good' tank, or even a 'great' tank - I am instead, a 'slow' tank.

I suppose it's a product of my upbringing, going through Scholo/Strat when you actually had to worry about CC and runners. BC introduced the shadow-stepping rogue who would gouge the tank and 2 shot the mage. Wrath gave us AoE heroics, that would still wipe your group at level appropriate gear.

My mistake

It is of course entirely my own fault for being slow. I tend to pull groups in manageable packs, only pulling one group or pat at a time. I chain pull, but chain pulling doesn't mean out of control - instead for me it means steady. And it's a policy I'll continue to stick with.

I suppose part of this attitude stems from playing a healer through a good part of Wrath, and a tank when I wasn't healing. I prefer to have things move at a predictable pace, in a scenario that I can control and manipulate as needed. I'd also rather spend 5 minutes doing something the 'right' way, than have to run back because someone felt the need to "Go, Go, GO ALREADY".

This might explain the LK fight

I absolutely love the H LK fight. It's intense and chaotic, with just enough scripted moments to keep things moving. It's drastically different than the way I like to run my heroics, and that may explain why it is that I prefer my heroics to be slow and controlled. It gives me a balance to the sheer insanity that is H LK.

So, I'm going to keep pulling slow and steady. Pretty soon I'll be in the Outlands with 130981 DKs - and it'll be the same thing again. Until then, if I never run BRD again, I'll be ok.

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