Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My best PUG /facepalm moment

I run a lot of PUG heroics. Partly because I use a TON of gems (INT Holy, SP Holy, PvP Holy, Ret, Prot, Ret PvP-lol), and partly because I just enjoy running them. 95% (or more) of my PUG runs have been smooth as butter, and some have been downright enjoyable. I've even had runs where there was actual chat and banter going on.

Shocking, I know.

I have however taken to dropping my Kingslayer title off when I PUG, even though it's not a completely uncommon title any more.

A non-scientific study

Quite a while ago when Lodur over at World of Matticus got his Val'anyr, he started noticing that PuGs reacted different when they saw one in the 5-man. I'm pretty sure this well before ICC (and probably sometime during early ToC), so the Val'anyr was still relatively new and rare (not like it's totally common now). Lodur noticed that PuGs would take this as an invitation to go completely crazy, and pull without reservation. He started swapping out for a normal weapon, just to see the effects it had.

Now in today's world of 245/264+ gear falling off the trees, getting someone to slow down at all is in and of itself a minor miracle. DPS run with the philosophy that killing it before it kills you is a valid tanking method, tanks pull without looking at mana, and getting a full conversation out of someone is a challenge in and of itself. This is fine in most runs, but everyone has their limit.

I reached mine in an Utgard Pinnacle run, where the tank rand off while the group was buffing. I was still getting Kings out, checking for melee that might benifit from a Might instead, etc. I look over and see the tank with the first pull, plus the Abom on him, and watch him fall over.

Me> Just a suggestion, it's always best to give a heads up, or at least make sure the group is ready before you go taking off.
Fail Tank> *!#&$ you lazy healer. At least I don't get the 30 min debuff after a death. Enjoy your wait.
Fail Tank has left the group.

I think it was 90 seconds before we got a replacement tank, did the run in about 14 minutes or so, and generally had a good time. Sometimes having an ounce of patience will pay off.

Really though, please - think of the starving children and wait a few seconds before running off to tank everything - because I will let you die.


  1. The only thing worse than an over-zealous tank is impatient DPS who don't like to wait for the tank to pull.


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