Thursday, May 13, 2010

A question for my PvP server readers

So I'm looking at bringing one of my toons over to a PvP server sometime in the relitive future. My question is - do you normally run around (for questing and such) in your PvP kit? I would assume so, since the lack of stats doesn't really hurt in leveling/questing/farming, and would make it easier to survive getting jumped when you're out and about in the world.

What are some decent PvP servers with solid Horde populations? I don't mind being beat up on, but big differences in population would seem to be a bad thing.


  1. I just use my usual PvE gear. You really aren't attacked that much in my experience on a pretty balanced server.

  2. I'll wear my PvP gear if I'm doing quests in WG, just because people are more intent on picking a fight there, but everywhere else in the world I run around in my PvE gear.

    I don't get attacked very often. It's more common that we'll see each other, assess the situation, and then go our separate ways (of course watching behind us as we go).

    People like to pick easy targets, so if you look alert and decently geared you will probably be left alone.

    My PvP server is Dark Iron, which is decently balanced between Horde and Alliance. I used to play on Rivendare as well, which was hugely imbalanced in the favor of Horde. I'm not sure that's the case anymore.

  3. I'm in my PVP gear if I'm expecting trouble. That means...

    * Doing the fishing daily (my normal weapon is on a hotkey).
    * On or nearby a popular herbing/mining route
    * Near a raid instance or summoning stone.
    * Looking to do some ganking of my own.

    Any other time, I'm in my PVE kit.

    As for servers, Burning Legion-US and Deathwing-US are both relatively balanced with just a tiny bit of bias towards horde.

  4. I'm usually in pve gear but I'm a tank so its good survivability gear. AOS has a strong horde population and decent progression.

  5. I've started to wear PVP gear while out in the world unless I know I'll be dealing with a lot of PVE mobs. Been killed too many times, I want to at least have a fighting chance.

    I'm Alliance on Ursin-US which slightly favors the Horde in balance and my impression is that the Horde side tends to be more serious in PVP. They do tend to win WG most of the time, I think due to having better PVP gear.

  6. If your looking for a server that always has WG Nathrezim-US, the Horde have a significant population advantage. I used to play alliance there but transferred off in part because of the horde population advantage.

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm actually looking forward to experiencing the PvP server side of things. I just hope I don't turn into one of those people who has to keep a high level toon in the region.


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