Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't bother me - I'm Ret

No, I haven't suddenly lost my head and decided that I'm going to go plate rogue and become a Retadin. What I did do was roll a brand new baby Paladin on a server that a few friends and aquantancies are on. The guild they're in is social to the point that I'm pretty sure it's the exact opposite of Gevlon's PUG guild. Explored Dustwallow Marsh? Grats! Every achievment is greeted with cheers and salutations - like hitting level 20 and getting a mount has somehow become a major achievment.

Now, lets get to the heart of the matter here - playing a Ret Paladin. I will admit that I started with every heirloom item I could get my hands on. We already know that this is pretty much a ticket straight to OP land, and with the now 35% bonus to XP (10% guild, 10% Shoulders, 10% Chest, 5% cloak), I think I was almost level 10 by the time I left the starting area.

What I like so far

I'd probably have a different opinion on this if I'd played a Retadin seriously in Wrath, but I'm finding the spec to be downright enjoyable. I was a little depressed when I found out Divine Storm hit like a wet noodle and doesn't generate HP, but I got over it pretty quickly. Having several buttons to push as you level is certainly a step up from the seal refresh we had every time we judged in Vanilla. To be honest I'm still wondering why I even have to bother casting it now. You'd think it would be a static buff already.

I can see where some of the issues come from in later levels regarding HP though. Right now I'm practically drowning in it, but a lot of that seems to be from the returns you get when killing a mob. You're not going to get that in a raid instance. Even so, I've been tearing it up in the instances. It's tough to benchmark when you might outlevel the guy standing behind you, but I figure if I'm a full 3 levels behind anyone else and I'm out DPSing them - I'm doing something right.

RNG - She is a mother

Trying to stack up 3 HP can be a challenge, this I'm starting to see. I know there's an ability coming in 4.0.6 that will let you use an ability as if you had 3 HP, but I don't know if that's the fix for some Paladins.

To be honest though, I think part of the issue is similar to the one I had when the 4.0a patch launched and we got all our talents in Wrath. I couldn't stand healing then, and couldn't wait to get playing on a class of a different color. Now though, I love it and am definately going to ask for a head check if I decide to abandon the Paladin again.

Adgamorix - a healer no more

One thing I'm trying to stick to on this re-roll Paladin is that he's going to be Ret only. No healing, no tanking, etc. I've got a tricked out pony on Stormscale if I want to mess with those talent trees. Since I don't have any real intention of doing much with this guy beyond socializing with a few friends, it should work out ok. Not that I won't throw out a heal or Ret tank in a 5 man if someone rage quits. I'm not THAT selfish.

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