Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In which I am a baid raider

I think it's kind of strange.  4.2 has been out for about what, two weeks now, and it already feels like it's been forever.  Right now I've killed 4/7 in Firelands, and have completed about three quests in the new Hyjal - just enough to see Thrall get smoked by the new fire druids.  It was entertaining, though you have to ask yourself this - if Malfurion, Thrall, etc can all get stomped by these guys - what are we supposed to do?  I mean, if I've got to go take this idiot out, how come I'm not the one getting all the love?  Fuck Rhonin, where's the book about me?


So as a raider, I'm supposed to be doing everything I can to help out my raid team.  This includes things like being on time, having flaks (or using a cauldron), having all my gear enchanted with the best/correct enchants, eating buff food, etc.  Another part of that is making sure that I'm supplementing my raid drops with as much of the farmable/crafted gear as possible. And this is where I'm slacking.

I admit that the first week 4.2 was out, I didn't max out my VPs. This puts me slightly behind the curve.  I also have done exactly zero of the new daily quests.  This is mostly because I know that right now it's a PvP gankfest over there, but mostly it's a serious lack of care.  The rewards aren't that great, and are marginal upgrades over my raid gear. 

So, for the last two weeks I've been a bad raider.  I could blame it on the fact that I'm installing new floors in my house, that we've raided about 10 hours total in 4.2, or that I chose poorly for rolling on a PvP server.  Really though, I'm just not keen on doing the daily quests.  I didn't do most of the quests for ToC, and unless I decide to move/reroll on a PvE server somewhere and am trying to gear up a new toon, I won't be doing them. 

Of course we've two healed our way to 4/7, and I even ranked on Aleysrazor - so I think I'm doing pretty well for myself. 

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  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to do the dailys. I'm on a PvE server and have barely done them myself... The rewards just aren't that great, especially when you take into account the time invested.

    We're 5/7 but I've only personally killed 4/7. (I wasn't in for Bal'roc.)

    With my schedule limiting my raid time lately, I've sort of burnt out on raiding for the moment.

    I love the actual time spent raiding... don't get me wrong... Just not everything else.

    The time spent sitting on the bench... Which I had to do all of last night.

    The time spent supplementing my raiding habits; flasks, food, chants, and gems.

    Anything that doesn't involve me in a group with 9 other people bores me. (Yes I'm talking to you ZA/ZG.)

    Anywho... I hope you get back into it. I enjoy reading your stuff since I'm a pally as well.


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