Friday, July 1, 2011

World PvP

This is what I think of when I envision world PvP. It's not evenly pitched battles that raged for hours between Taren Mill and Southshore (did those really ever exist?), becuase that generally was just a handfull of 60s making life difficult on toons trying to level in the Highlands. Same goes for Crossroads raids. LOOK MA, I KILLED THE FLIGHT MASTER LOLOLOLOLOL!


Anyway, this is my vision of world PvP - and I think deep down inside, it's what most of us consider to be successful PvP as well. Remember, unlike sex, PvP is ALWAYS consentual. There are no grey areas in this discussion, no room for debate. Cry foul all you want at the fact that you just got rolled by someone 4 times your level, the point here is you consented to the treatment you're now recieving.

Play on a PvP server and left your starting zones? Consented.
Flagged for PvP? Consented.
Entered a PvP zone (enemy capital, Baradin Hold, Gurbashi Arena, etc, etc)? Consented.
Attacked someone (by hook or by crook, you still did it) who was flagged as PvP? Consented.

Put a post up on the world forums stating your intention to hold a mass gathering of folks in a PvP zone, on a PvP server, then added the line "Please don't come mess this up"? Yeah - you consented.

Ambushing a group of players when they least expect it.  "That's the way dad did it, that's the way America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far" (Tony Stark).


  1. Have you watched that video?

    "Women shouldn't vote productions"? Really?

    Are you sure you want that on your blog?

  2. I have watched it - multiple times. Of course I'm sure I want it on my blog, it's a great representation of what (in my opinion) most players want when they clamor "We want more world PvP" - especially when they mention Taren Mill or Southshore.

    To me, the video is a great example of how we allow the rules of one society to mix with another, and how we expect those same rules to exist.

  3. Gah - totally meant to post that anonymous comment under my name. Dang mobile posting.

  4. Great name for a production company. Video was 50/50.

    enchanteresse have fun with this one. When I was in college I had an assignment for a POL class to go around asking WOMEN only if they thought women's right to suffrage should be revoked... 87% of them said "YES"....they thought "women shouldn't be allowed to suffer"

    and thats another reason I like the video as well.

  5. i think women's right to talk should be revoked as well, because men shouldn't be allowed to suffer either

  6. It's not idiotic to wage war in Tauren Mill/South Shore or Cross Roads. The whole point is to pick a place that is easily accessible by the enemy and then grief to antagonize your enemy into fighting.

    I remember those Cross Roads Raids happening and being low level and getting 1 out of 30 spells to actually hit before getting one shotted. We would wait for our rez sickness to wear off and charge back in. Sure it was pointless but it was fun. People would switch to their main toons and come back in and try and hand out justice. This would get more alliance to come over and help out and the back and forth would just build.

    It's a great way to spend an evening because in all honesty it is something different from the quests/5 man dungeon/raid/dailies monotony that this game is.

    The videos sole purpose is to push buttons and in all fairness Enchanteresse proves it is still working after being over 5 years old.

    The truth is everybody has ganked before and thought it was hilarious till it happens to them. It's all in your point of view, start a toon and flag him at level 1. Attack the enemy every time you see then regardless of their level and you will all of the sudden be playing a completely different game than what your used to. This was the whole point of this game, there is no one way to play it.

  7. I think you kind of made my point - "...grief to antagonize your enemy into fighting."

  8. i don't think he meant anyone who raiding those places was an idiot, it looked like he was directing that specifically to the "look i killed the flight master lol" guy.

  9. and yes those incredibly epic back and forth 3 hour long battles did happen, at least on the server i was on. it was usually southshore to tarren mill. and it would be how you described, the horde would push the alliance back to southshore, the alliance would get a few more people, push it back the other way. the npcs were strong enough to tilt the battle if one side had too many.

    those fights lasted until the first day wsg was released.


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