Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Maintenance.  It happens pretty much every Tuesday morning, and generally lasts for five hours, plus or minus 20 depending on if it's a major patch day or not.  It's happened every Tuesday since the creation of Azeroth, and really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's played the game for more than a week or two.  Every Tuesday, around 3AM, the servers go down.

So naturally, I felt a little bit like Gomer Pyle when I woke up this morning to find the servers were in fact, down.

See, Blizzard normally puts up a little message on Monday evening letting you know what's happening the next day.  Servers will be down, rolling restarts, whatever.  While I was a little suspicious that there was nothing on the page, I chalked it up to the fact that hotfixes were being applied instead.

I was wrong.

While I had every intention of finishing my Alchemy powerlevel this morning, I instead spent 15 minutes looking for confirmation that maintenance was happening, and another 15 trying to figure out why I couldn't download SC2 again.  I'm not real quick before my coffee.

Tonight I'm off to see Harry Potter.  Yes, I know Snape kills Dumbledore (AMG SPOILER FROM BOOK 6!), and while I didn't really enjoy 7.1 (I prefer the books to the movies), I am interested in seeing how they end it in the movie.  Personally I'd rather see Transformers or Captain America, but my wife wants to see Harry Potter, and I want to keep eating my wife's cooking.


  1. transformers was as bad as you would expect, but easily the best of the 3. the ending takes about 3 hours too long. the captain america previews look really hit or miss to me. next week though, cowboys and aliens. bam.

  2. I love the Harry Potter book series. I have always found the movies to be... lacking.

    However... They did it right with this one.

    It goes a little faster than the book (What do you expect from a movie though?), but otherwise it's pretty damn good.

  3. Servers going down at 3am would be absolute bliss. Spare a through for us Aussies where maint window starts around 7-9pm dependent on Daylight Saving. :)


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