Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crazy mouse/camera problem

I have an issue going on right now that I'm hoping can be solved pretty easily.  Every once in a while, usually I think when I'm transitioning targets or moving my mouse around pretty crazy, my camera shoots straight up - so I'm looking at the sky.


Fortunately it hasn't happened while I"m trying to dodge a wrench or something, but it is disorienting and confusing as hell.  It's easy enough to recover from, just - makes me curse a bit.

If anyone knows a camera setting I can make in the interface to prevent this, that'd be great.


  1. I had this issue, and it turned out to be the mouse. The laser thingy was borked, so every once in a while it would rocket off and have my camera spin around and up in the sky. I remember it killed me on a hectic try on Loken back in Wrath (when he was still difficult!). My recommendation is to check if this happens with your pointer outside of WoW (to me it could shoot off in a corner on the desktop without me doing anything, or wander across the screen), in which case it's most likely your mouse. Otherwise I don't know tbh.

  2. Hmm - definately worth checking out. Seeing as I pretty much just use that computer for gaming I'll probably notice it in SC or BFBC. I haven't really paid attention in those games - but I will now. Will suck if I have to replace my Naga - those things are expensive.

  3. You might try using a piece of plain matt paper as a mouse mat; it can sometimes be due to a shiny surface on your desk.

  4. mine con-not open it say the aplication is faild properly (0x0dd0135)


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