Friday, August 26, 2011

My Raiding UI

This isn't the post I was planning, but it's what I've got available today.  This is a fairly basic UI layout I think, and it does have some double information, specifically ICE HUD and the standard portrait info.  I use ForteXorcist for multi-mob DOT tracking, and Power Auras to track DOTs on my current target.  I added scrolling damage text so I could get an idea of how hard I'm hitting, but I'm pretty sure that's going to be coming off soon - it's just too confusing.

There's really no need as far as I can tell to keep scrolling damage on my screen.  Maybe if it was BWL and I needed to see if a mob was resistant/immune to a certain type of damage, but that's not the case with anything really.  Plus, I think I'd figure it out after a few seconds.  IceHUD is probably going to be following it pretty quickly as well, though I have gotten pretty used to having that up there.  I think if I add an aura for < 35% mana, boss < 25% HP, and no Soul Link - I can completely remove that.

I'd also like to get rid of Recount, or just set it to only show after combat - it's just one more thing taking up space, and it's not like I'm going to change my rotation mid through the fight.  Omen is already disabled, thanks to the change in tank threat.  Since I open CoE>BoD>Corr - it takes a few seconds before I'm even dealing damage - more than enough time for the tank to secure agro. 

So there you go - my delicious, overcrowded, needs some work UI.


  1. you would think, i remember pulling aggro off a tank many times with CoE

  2. My own Warlock UI is horribly busy, whereas on my Holy Paladin it's a lot less cluttered, and when I am playing Ret, it's almost empty. Go figure.

    I still use Omen for healing, whatever modifications Blizz has made to tank aggro. Salvation anyone?

    @EWS: I found Curse of Doom very efficient at pulling aggro back in the day.

  3. A threat meter is great for a healer, at least a Paladin healer. It can tell me who to Salv and, if the tank dies, who's getting next (see: Chimaeron).

    I like having Omen show when in combat but otherwise hidden, with Recount set to display out of combat in the same space.


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