Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Transmorgify opinion I haven't seen yet

Note - this isn't how I feel, but the post/opinion I'm just waiting to see.

OMG BLIZZARD, this is such a huge slap in the face to well, pretty much everyone.  New players who have never gotten this gear will have to go try and get terrible groups full of ninjas to try and have a shot at filling out their sets.  Players who have been here (like me, since Alpha you know) have had to discard entire sets of gear that I would LOVE to have, just becuase there wasn't enough bank space.  Now I have to try that all over agian, and compete on a /roll with some new player who picked up the game in 4.2! WTF.  I DEMAND YOU FIX THIS.


  1. If a player seriously posted that, then I hope they feel strongly enough to play another game and bloody quit wow. Good riddance.

    The logic demonstrated is that they should not add new features because of a game limitation?

    What next? Don't add new content because it took so long to get the gear from the current content.

  2. Loot drama in old raids? /popcorn

    Maybe they'll go to a 3 day reset on old content. That'd be nice.

  3. There's nothing wrong with transmogrification, I think! Not all old players think like he does.

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