Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I hate the emo dragon

Something is missing - something small. We're right on the cusp of knocking H-Sin 10 down, but we're missing something in a transition. Every wipe it's about the same, 24 to 20%, then the wheels come off. At this point, the only thing I can figure is it's a lack of communication between the healers, and letting the tanks know they should use a CD or two.

Of course it doesn't help when your tank eats a 41k frost breath. Or someone dies to the frost nova, or your priest doesn't realize he has Unstable magic and explodes in the raid for 20k.

And I'm certainly not blameless - I've chained ice blocks more than once.

The frustration

I think for all of us the frustration comes from the simple fact that next to the Lich King (who took us fewer attempts), this fight is insanely difficult in terms of raid coordination. It's amazing, yet frustrating at the same time - simply because over the course of the expansion we have been handed bosses that were fairly easy. Truth be told though, regular Sindragosa isn't that hard.

I can't believe Blizzard had the stones to make Heroic modes Heroic. The nerve.

Also, is it too much to ask that our tank actually get some heroic tank drops instead of DPS plate? I feel bad for the guy. He's got a rocking heroic 10 set of DPS gear, and is still sporting the shield from regular 10m Anub.

A side note

So I saw that the Paladin notes are being released on Wed now instead of Friday. I'm not going to get too excited, as a huge chunk of it will probably never make it to the Beta, let alone go live. It will be nice to see what direction they have planned for Paladins though. I'm just glad that I have some ret gear all set to be enchanted and gemmed. I'm going to blow some stuff up come leveling time.


  1. this was by far the hardest for us. we spent more wipes than i care to think about on this one. which is really frustrating because it's not that hard of a fight in concept. we even tried to cheese it with 4 healers for a couple of pulls. it always seems like you have 1 healer blocked, 1 chained and 1 solo healing the tanks and raid. we ended up getting it with the standard 3 healers and i vowed never to do it again, but we'll probably be hitting it next week. at least one person still needs it for their meta achiev. like you said, it really comes down to communication in the last phase and not having your healers blow up the raid (our holy pally was good at this).

  2. Yeah - we tried it with our Ele shaman going Resto - and then DPSing. The hope there was that by going resto he'd keep one of the other healers free from the Instability. The problem was since we run 3x heals and 3x casters - that one of the casters was always affected - thus severely cutting our DPS down. I suppose if you ran with a full melee DPS group (or hunters) that might work, but I'm sure they'd just put unchained on 2x healers at that point.


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