Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That epic feeling is still there

Last night we had our 3rd repeat LK kill on 10s, which felt great after our repeated face smashing on H Sin. We probably would have one shot him too, but see there was a small mistake. An honest one really. One that anyone could make.

Our Boomkin is named "Cowculus" - our Warrior tank is named "Cowntzero".
In my Grid, druids are burnt orange, warriors are brown.
They were in the same group, on top of each other (in grid).
My grid is only set to show the first four letters of someone's name.

At one point Cowculus pulled about a million zombies with her AoE, so I slapped a quick Hand of Protection on her.

Reaganomics (Retadin) promptly fell over dead. Cowntzero was standing there with a crown on his head.


That feeling

Still there. Never mind that he's basically on "farm" now, I still got the tingles when we hit 10%, and it was still awesome to watch Tirion drop a Falcon Punch on Frostmourne (sorry if I just ruined it for you). The thrill of the kill was still there, and it was an awesome cap to an otherwise poor night.

A mood killer

First, nothing kills your mood like a 25man raid failing because 22 of your 30 or so raiders are online.

Second, wiping for hours on a boss, at the same spot (or close to it) really saps you. Especially when everyone is holding themselves to a high standard, and we still rip into each other. It can make for some tense moments.

Hopefully the 25m that we joined settles down and the great group of 25-30 that I know exist can get it together for some great 25m raiding. If not, we'll be back to 10s and unfortunately that will probably be the death knell of . I just don't think there's enough to keep us occupied until Cataclysm.

Hopefully the Ruby Sanctum and the core of the 25s prove me wrong.

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