Monday, April 19, 2010

The way of the Jellyfish

I've said some strange things in my life while raiding - most of them while in a drunken haze. Recently though, a new strategy has emerged that has placed my list of "dumb sayings" at a new level.

In my defense, it makes perfect sense. Everyone can instantly picture it in their head, and more importantly, they can remember it.

I call it - the Jellyfish Strat.

How it works

The base principal behind the Jellyfish Strat is that you have to be flexible, and ready to move in a moment. Also, like a jellyfish, the movement is really just a flex - in and out - as your spread apart and come together. It's really nothing new - I just put a dumb name on it.

Of course it's a name that has now stuck, just like a jellyfish stinger, in every raid.

Really though, it's what you have to be - flexible. Some nights things just go insanely well. For example we got H Sin down on 3 or 4 attempts, after weeks of beating our head on her. Then we ran down to Festergut (who we normally 1 shot on Heroic) and wiped 4 times. What the heck?

Flex. Move. In. Out. Be the jellyfish...

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