Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I knew it was good, but this is rediculous

Alright - first, yes, I know the bloody thing has been out for a year and there's probably log parses galore for it. This is my blog though, and if I want to get giddy for a day about my new toy, I'm going to. Also, I hope that in some teeny tiny way, someone can use this information to convince their guild to help acquire one.

As an aside, my first night of WoL logs for this is also the first night we tried Hard Mode 25s, and we went 3/11. I'd say 4/12, but really - the gunship should be a given (Marrow, Gun, Fester, Rot). The numbers in the below log are with the 15% ICC buff, but what I'm mostly looking at is the percentages done. Feel free to knock off 15% of any number if you choose.

A small disclaimer

I really have no idea how the WoL parses absorbs, since I know Blizzard's own combat log isn't the best at it. I am, for purposes of this discussion, assuming that it is only counting actual absorbs and not shields that fall off. I am willing to concede however, that a large portion of the shield may indeed be falling off. If someone knows for sure, please let me know.

Overall up time

A comment made by the raid leader really put it all into persepective. "Every time I look at my screen I see your bubbles"! This of course caused us to question what he was looking at the other 2/3 of the time. It would explain some of the issues with Festergut though.

Throughout the night though, PoAK (the actual shield, not the buff on me) was up 2355 times, absorbing 5,282,162 points of damage. My Holy Light (for the whole night) was slightly over 7.4 million - and 71% of that was overhealing.

A look at Festergut

First - HM Fester is a royal pain. Granted, the fight is the same on 25m HM as it is on 10m, there's just a lot more people in melee range trying to dodge the malliable goo. Emphasis on the word trying. You can be a super-speed swinging DK with a .2 attack speed - but a 300% debuff is gonna knock your DPS in the dirt. Even with the 15% ICC buff we still only pushed him over with 2 seconds left until the enrage.

That's not the point of this post though.

For Fester I stood at range, and was covered by another healer when I ate a Vile Gas. On normal I stand in melee, but in HM standing at range meant that I had to move a whole lot less. Even with running in/out for a spore, it was worth it.

Now - for this fight I stuck with HL for pretty much the entire fight - using a snap HS or FoL when moving (or to keep the HoT up).

Holy Light - 683, 497 - 36.3% of healing done, with 69.2% overheal (I kept BoL on myself and healed the tank).
PoAK - 365,322 - 19.4% of healing done, with 2:07 uptime in a 5 minute fight.

Even if all of that shield wasn't 100% used, it's still amazing.

Weapon comparison

A claim was made that pretty much any ICC weapon would outshine the Val'anyr. Here's some basic numbers.

We had one Trauma in the raid for the fight - used by our shaman who was responsible for healing the melee. His Fountain of Light healed for only 50,800 - with 1:26 uptime, and 49.8% of it being overheals.

Switching from my 258 LK mace, I lost 80 SP and a few points of crit. Those 80 sp, with the 166% coefficient for HL, would have equated to a whopping 14,608 extra healing for my main heal. Even with 300 extra SP, I'd be looking at 54k extra (maybe a bit more with the splash).

Either way, I'm tickled pink with it.


Is it game breaking? No. Do I think you should do anything you can (beg, borrow, steal - all bets are off here) to get one? Oh yes.


  1. I'm sooooo happy you got it, and the way the guild went to extra effort for you, and then it actually helps too! Awesome.

    Maybe deserves a new screenshot and banner.

  2. @Gravity - yeah, I took some screenshots the other night. Unfortunately I have the photoshop skills of a drunken monkey.


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