Monday, June 14, 2010

Cancelled features were never yours to begin with

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some tragic news for you. Anything proposed, promised, or otherwise hinted at in a video game - that hasn't even been released yet - shouldn't be counted on at all. I'm amazed by the level of complaining and moaning I've read during the last 48 hours regarding changes to Cataclysm. From the mildly annoyed to the full on pissed rant - all I can feel is a sort of numb disgust towards those posters.

I'm personally happy to see that the Alpha/Beta process is actually working as intended. To test features and portions of the game that are currently still in development. This is why I generally don't play Beta releases - I want the finished product. Give me something polished and (mostly) functional. I'm sure we all remember the state of the DK in Wrath Beta, or the first few weeks of Retadin Gods after BC. Imagine implementing an entirely new profession, which provided more than a bandage that will hit you for 1/8th of your HP in end-game gear. Think a raid guild wouldn't require maxed Archeology, just to prove you can grind out something painful?

Cataclysm is still being worked on - let's give them time to flesh it out. Hell, I still have hopes for Paladin gear to be optimized the way "we" think it should be.


  1. Besides the fact that I fully agree on the "don't whine about things that were never there" part..

    I think "we" can't know just yet what itemization "we" need. Cataclysm is going to be a hell of a difference when it comes to healing and even though you can speculate, nothing is for certain yet. Maybe we'll all need to stack on spellpower like crazy? We don't know yet. So unfortunately, it's up to Blizzard now to do it right.

    I am keeping my hopes up though!

  2. I completely agree!

    People are being overly negative about things right now. We don't know the full details on anything really and we won't know how the changes effect us until the xpac comes out and we have a chance to experience it for outselves. So enough with the preemptive moaning.


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