Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top five greatest WoW moments

After some seriously frustrating shots on H LK this weekend, I thought I should go back and look at some of my best memories in WoW. After playing for about five years, there's definitely one or two high points.

5) My first trip to Ironforge

When I first started playing, I was one of the many noob NE rogues that you see running around. My RL friend had rolled a Dwarf hunter, so I was trying to get from Darnassus to Ironforge. I had no idea about the boats, or where anything was - so I just started running for the East coast of Kalimdor. You can probably imagine how well this turned out, as a lvl 10 running through Azshara and beyond. Fortunately I ran into a kind soul who pointed me in the right direction. Which of course led up to the awesome run from Menethil Harbor to Ironforge.

4) My first mount

I love my Rusted-Protodrake, and my Bloodbathed Drake is amazing as well, but mostly because there aren't a lot of them on my server (and they're 310%). My first cat though, that was something I really looked forward to. Grinding out the gold (Chugach - hunter friend - was always broke) by pick-pocketing murlocs in STV as I got close to the goal. I wanted my mount the moment I hit 40, and not a minute after. I didn't know anything about using the AH for profit, it was just grind up and away. A truly pleasing moment.

3) Becoming a Raid Leader

This was really a turning point for me in WoW, where I started my move from being just another raider to actually studying the game. It all started with Forgotten Fury and the GM Fyrre throwing down that anyone who wanted to lead could give it a call. An Onyxia run or two later, and I was leading full time and soon an officer of FF. A few months later Fyrre went insane and started fighting with himself on the forums. Good Times.

2) Solo-tanking content at the appropriate gear level

When we first started running Kara at 70 we had a few of the same folks in our current 10m, and a few left over from the FF fallout in Vanilla. We headed into Kara with our heads up, sporting a mix of greens and blues. We single tanked the Huntsman, used a Boomkin to OT Moroes, and then single tanked Romulo and Julianne. The other great moment was when I compiled a mix of resist and tank gear that allowed me to single tank Hydross as a Warrior. It wasn't pretty, but it worked. The MacGyver moments are always the best raid kills.

1) Forging Thunderfury

No other legendary has, in my opinion, stood up to the Thunderfury for being amazingly OP. It lasted through three nerfs and some radical class changes in BC, and is still an iconic weapon. I got lucky and snagged both my bindings in two weeks, and then started farming for all the Arcane Crystals. The night it was finally forged we bought the elementium ore from a gold farmer in IF, and it was electric on vent. The whole raid came together for the moment - it was truly special. Even forging my Val'anyr or killing Arthas didn't measure up to that moment.


  1. You didn't have to pay for your 245 legendary. By the way, you owe me money to this day. With interest, I'm figuring it's about 10k.

  2. As soon as I get my cut of the money from Everkill, you'll get paid.


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