Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our last hurrah

Friday night will mark our last shots at H10m LK. It's not for a lack of want - it's for a lack of our core team. One guy just moved, so he's trying to get his house in order - out for two weeks. Another just got a new job - so in two weeks when our Shaman is back, we'll lose another pair of DPS, for at least two weeks. With all this, we're pretty much at the point where Friday night will represent our last best effort of downing H-LK10m together.

After this Friday I'll be looking actively again, though I don't know where I'll land. I may just hang up the raid hat entirely for the summer. There's plenty of guilds out there that are recruiting, so it's really just a question of what I want to do. If we pull off the H-LK kill Friday, then I'm absoloutely done with the regular raid scene. I'll finish up my ToC daily grind (yeah, I'm a year late, so what?), PUG a GDKP when I can, and just level my alt-farm between Mass Effect and SC2 sessions.

If we fall short though, I'll be on the hunt again.

What I'll be looking for

First goal would be a 10m guild that is seriously working on 9/12+ - any role will do. I would consider a 25m guild as well, but on a case by case basis.
Second, time - Three days a week is my absoloute limit. Preferably no more than 9 hours total.
Third, faction - I'd rather stay Horde, just so I don't have to server xfer and faction change. Plus I'm a damn sexy Belf if I do say so myself. Arcane Torrent is also pretty hot.
Finally, start time - I live in Alaska, so it's tough to find start times that work with my schedule.

I also have every intention of coming right back to where I am now once the expansion is immenent. Our 10m group will be reforming after the Cataclsym, and these guys are the reason I play. It would definately have to be the right 10m raid group to pull me away for the LK/Halion kill.

Of course, I'm hoping that this all becomes a moot point and we get the kill on Friday. Then I can settle in to a few months of alt-grinding and relaxation - finally having defeated the toughest boss in game, even if it is with a 20% buff/nerf. If not though, I'll still have accomplished most of my goals this expansion - not the least of which was staying away from burnout.

Don't worry - I'll still be blogging. There's plenty of articles to write and content to witness. Ruby Sanctum will be here shortly, and we'll have the expansion event coming as well. Who knows, I might even get in the Beta.


If you're in a 10m guild looking for a Paladin (spec is unimportant - can can and do play all three), and working on 9+HMs (preferably 11/12, but hey), plus don't raid more than 9 hours a week - drop me a line. I'll post our success or failure tomorrow night, which will dictate where I'm heading afterwards.


  1. You could join Kae's guild at Dreambound Druid. They're 10m strict 11/12 HM working on H LK and looking for a holy paladin. :)

  2. I saw that, but they start at 7:30 EST - that's about an hour too early at best (9:30 EST is preferable)

  3. Good luck matey!! I've been reading as usual via RSS on the train, which makes it tough to comment but I was sure to star this one, to remind me just to re-visit and say GOOD LUCK whichever way it goes for you!


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