Thursday, July 1, 2010

I fail at Combat Logs

In an attempt to garner some data about the BoL lag last night, I ran a /combatlog for a Halion and ICC 10m raid. I figured that would give me plenty of data to work with. Of course when the night was over, I promptly logged out and shut off my computer.

So much for gathering data.

Unfortunately this has been something of a repetitive problem. Mongrr spoiled us all by keeping the logs fairly regularly - to the point where we all stopped worrying about it. Why bother? Mongrr has it. Now it takes a few more seconds to remember.

I'll grab a log next time I'm on and give it a look. I too want some hard numbers.


  1. Not sure I understand, if you did the /combatlog then it saved the log on your hard drive.

  2. Unless you've got something automatically deleting your log file then everything should be there. The only real 'problem' would be that your own combat log has been kept a long time and run repeatedly, which would make it cover a very long period of time and make it difficult to pick out a particular fight.

    Unless you disturb (delete, rename, archive, etc) your log file then the log function will continue to append to the same log file as long as it exists.

  3. Yeah, it shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't think.
    Regardless, a mod like Autocombatlog (what I use) or Loggerhead is invaluable for doing such things on a regular basis, assuming you do then upload them regularly as well.

  4. the icc minus marrowgar is posted chuckles

  5. Hard numbers?

    Beacon of light delays the heal by .5 of a second. So when a Holy Light hits, your beaconed target will get that heal in .5 of a sec.

    Glyph of Holy Light won't be copied but other spells like Holy Light, Lay on Hands, Flash of Light, Holy Shock all do get copied.

    You don't get the benefit of Improved Devotion Aura twice. You get it on the first heal, but the bonus won't be added again.

    That's about all I remember off the top of my head.

  6. Welcome to the convo, sweetie. See one of the previous posts & comments for the thread. We all know about the delay, but the theory suggests that chain casting at 1.2secs results in Beacon heals every 1.2secs as well. For some reason this doesn't quite match up with reality and leads to low or overly delayed healing to your Beacon target. Thus the diversion into combat logs, their capture, and analysis. Etc, etc, until you arrived.


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