Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I can't wait to get home. I'm sorry, but SC:2 is sitting on my computer RIGHT NOW, just waiting for me to get home. Yeah, my priest hit 77, but she's sitting right there until Jim Raynor and I can spend some quality time together.

How I know my fiancee loves me

I may have forced her to watch the SC:2 trailers 100 times with me. While she apprecitates the graphics and the quality - she's not a gamer. Here's the thing though. She knows it is released today. She saw me download it yesterday, and set everything up for tonight. So what does she do? She puts together a dinner for me in the fridge (this is actually normal for raid nights), and then she makes plans to go over to her friend's house. For about five hours.

That's right. The starting night of SC:2 will be me, Jim, and Tychus - with a little Kerrigan thrown in so it's not a complete man fest. While there's no Firebats (damn you Blizzard), I'm really looking forward to the updated graphics offered. I still like playing the original game, and I'm pretty sure my Droid phone has more than enough processing power to run it. I've purposefully stayed away from any actual gameplay footage, just because I want the first night to be special.

I was called old

Talking with W-Crusher the other day, he made a comment that he's not really excited about seeing Raynor is a Marine outfit. He's "old" he said. So I did some math, checked with a timeline, and concluded that Raynor is probably around 36 or so. Since I'll be 34 in a few weeks, I don't consider anything South of 40 to be old. I also mentioned that playing SC on the Battle.net wasn't anything I ever really got into. I always enjoyed the single player campaigns, or just doing co-op against the AI. And yes, it's because I hate getting stomped by the good players - and/or the Korean Zerg rush.

W-Crusher: That sounds like something an old man would do. Raynor.

I cried a little. On the inside.

What I'd love to see

I really wanted a 24 style clock, the one that makes the loud noise in the show as it counts the seconds, to do my countdown for me in game. I'd also like to see Jack Bauer running from a bunker yelling "ZERG!". Or maybe instead of the "Nuclear launch detected" you get to see Jack run out of the Command Center throttling a Ghost "Where's the bomb!".

Maybe I just have an unhealthy love for 24.

If it fails to deliver

I really don't think it will, but if SC:2 fails to deliver, I'm looking at Bad Company 2. Several of the folks are playing it now as they wait for Cata. That might work out well. I haven't played a real FPS in a while. I suppose you could consider Mass Effect a FPS, but it's more of a FPS-RPG. I'm talking a no holds barred, log in and shoot someone in the face with a machine gun, type FPS.

I hear it helps with stress.

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  1. Working through the campaign right now. I like it so far. I feel like im pressing more buttons then I do on my shaman lol.


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