Monday, August 30, 2010

Holding pattern commencing

Right now I'm in an indefinite hold with WoW. I'm not in the Beta, and I'm not planning on it at all. My account is canceled until Cata, since the 2 or 3 months of savings will cover my game cost. In the meantime I'm keeping tabs on the big changes, since I expect that the fine tuning will start fairly soon. I'll probably hop back in when the pre-Cata event starts, though we'll have to see.

I'm still sucking it up in SC:2 - though I'm winding down in practice games. I'll have to break down and do my five ranking matches soon though, so I'm really working on mastering the Zerg macro. I'll probably spend my last 15 games learning the Protoss, just so I have a decent idea of how they play. I have no illusions about landing high in the ladder rankings, but I really enjoy the game.

I'll be chiming in when I see something that piques my interest in the blogsphere, but it'll be fairly quiet here until Cata.

See you then.

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  1. Dude, I am still terrible at SC:2. I realized that I'm most likely to main Terran (not because they're OP, but because I'm a defensive/harass player, and they fit my playstyle well) so once I got their basic start down (wall off, start an MMM ball, expand early if you can) I skipped my training games.

    I'm sitting at 88 in Bronze. And I am plenty happy to stay there. My resource count almost never tops 100, and I inevitably spam ghosts (or DTs, I love those bastards, when I play Protoss) and get ruined, but it really IS fun.


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