Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If you forget your coat, it's going to rain

I love vacation. There's nothing like stepping away from it all and completely recharging. It also doesn't hurt when you leave an area that is now hitting its 31st (maybe 32nd) consecutive day of rain, for someplace where it's warm and sunny. Oh, and there were also some amazing wineries. I think I brought home a little over a case of wine, stuff that I just can't get at home.

Since I was going to WA, I made sure to bring my rain jacket, after all, Washington gets a lot of rain (especially on the Western side). I bugged my fiancee about it until she relented and packed not one, but TWO coats. Just to be a pill I suppose.

Of course since we packed our jackets, we stepped into a heat wave down there. I don't think it rained at all during the day, and very little even at night. It was actually colder in AK when we touched down than it was at 4AM in Seattle. I think winter is already here.

Lots of blogs to catch up on, but it looks like the Beta is starting to settle down some. I'm still hoping for that 2010 release, but for now I've got SC2 to catch up on, and Bad Company 2 as well. Good lord do I hate snipers.

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  1. She brought two because one was for hiking, which we didn't do, and one was for city walking, which we didn't need. Who's the pill now?!


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