Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OT - Getting through the feedreader

I have a confession to make - I'm a skimmer of blogs, not a full reader. Right now I have about a thousand unread blog posts in my reader, although to be fair this counts Engadget, Bluetracker, and Elitist Jerks. By the time I knock those down, I'll be sitting around 700 or so - and this is after knocking them off a few days ago.

Because I have all these blog posts, from bloggers that I try and read, I have to be fairly selective in what I spend my time on. Any blog that doesn't give me full access in a reader is automatically off my list, since I generally won't bother to click through to read it. If the opening lines are interesting enough to keep me going, I don't want to be hassled with not being able to read it right away.

I also generally don't bother with fanfiction or RP stories. I'm sure some of them are quite good, but I just prefer to read my fiction on paper. Also, they're generally just small segments, and it's tough (for me) to keep several stories straight at one time. Maybe if I could get them all in one batch - something to think about.

Goodbye posts, Cataclysm posts, and most DPS theorycrafting also go by the wayside. Tanking and healing math will almost always sucker me in though. My DPS interest only exists to feed my knowledge of the rest of the classes. It's good to know what everyone can do in your raid, as well as in PvP.

Even with speeding through those types of posts, there's still a lot left to get through. It's great that the blogging community is so active, but man - ya'll make it difficult when someone takes a week or so off.

Back to the reading.


  1. Ha! I confess, I'm "guilty" of this exact same thing.

    In fact, I was going through and cleaning out the hundreds of posts in my feedreader, and almost marked this one as read... but see, even if it's not specific to theorycrafting, if it's interesting and I can relate to it, I'll read the whole thing!

    ::continues to skim::

  2. I too have a similar filter. Sorry about all my cataclysm posts.

  3. Do I ever hear this! I've let my reading go too long, and I look at it and it's ridiculously daunting. Sometimes I'll skim through seven or more updates and just hit "Mark as read." I try to comment if it's interesting, though. Everyone loves comments.

  4. I was thinking of you as I wrote this Paladin blog entry... which requires that you click-through. Sorry mate.
    It's on coming back to Paladin on Beta.


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