Monday, August 23, 2010

It's all about the company you keep

So my WoW time has pretty much shut down completely at this point. I've been doing some AHing and what not, only because it's something I can semi-automate while I'm doing work around the house. I've been slowly increasing my bank book by crafting bags - a 5g purchase of Netherweave gets me 11g when I make it into a bag. Not too shabby.

It seems fairly pointless though. I've got around 50k between my toons, everyone has all the flying they'll need, and I'm just waiting on Cata. None of my friends are playing much (if at all) right now, so there's really nobody that I'd be hanging out with. The prospect of running more LFD randoms, or even ICC pugs just makes me want to vomit. The question is, why?

There are certainly a few fights that I haven't completed in Wrath. Yogg +0, Algalon 25, HLK 10/25, and H Halion. I haven't seen a Shadowmourne completed either (or killed LK with one in the raid), but at this point, I'm willing to call it a wash. I feel like I've seen everything that this expansion has to offer, and I don't think I need to push for the final kills.

Doing something different

Right now I'm in the middle of playing SC2 and BC2, and I've discovered something pretty significant. While I enjoy playing SC2, I'm pretty much just doing 1v1s right now. My original SC partner is in Iraq, and I haven't made the effort to find another 2s or 3s partner. Plus, I'm still learning the game - so I'm probably pretty bad.

Of course, I'm not that great at BC2 either. My video card leaves something to be desired, and I'm not as twitchy as I was when I was 22 and playing in UT tournaments. I play mostly online Rush games, and the experience is pretty good There are times though, when it's exceptional.

The co-op play

Several of my raid mates from are playing BC2 with me (or me with them I guess). When there's more than just one of us, even if we're losing or are forced to opposing teams, the fun factor goes up by a power of 10. Being able to joke and pal around with the same people that I've been raiding with for years is definitely the big plus for me.

That, and having a squad mate do a suicide rush so he can dart someone's medic - opening up a guided RPG on his head :)

I've certainly found that I enjoy the team play over the solo play. This certainly plays heavily into my lack of WoWing at the moment. Plus, how much gear will I really need to start Cataclsym?


  1. What's BC2? I wanna play!

  2. Also Check the guild forums for my e-mail so we can do SC:2 2v2!

  3. Shit we still have guild forums?

  4. lol i like this post, sad you weren't on the other night to see me dart a chopper from Ky as it was flying in from what seemed like London. Vhex and Xaero both witnessed it and one of them gladly sent the second part of our squads welcoming package to its happy recipient.

    I'm getting ready to fire up my blog again in preparation for Cata and more randomness.


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