Monday, June 8, 2009

Arena fun

So this week my 3s team managed to eek out a 1450 rating (yeah, I know) with a rogue, boomkin, and me healing. We had been going with a full DPS crew, but as we've gotten higher I've started healing.

Originally I was using the 51/20 healing spec, giving me a little more survivability and access to Divine Sacrifice. After a bit I moved to a 19/52 build for the silence off Avenger's Shield, survivability, and a 20sec HoJ. I found the spec to be decent, but it's lacking a few things.

1) I don't have all the requisite PvP gear yet. I'm still running in PvE rings, helm, bracers, and cloak.

2) I miss Holy Shock.

3) I don't think Redoubt and Holy Shield work while casting.

4) I miss the 40yd judgement.

5) I have no clue what seal I should be running, or if it even matters. I usually run Wisdom or Justice - figuring mana never hurts, and if I get a stun on a lucky hit - then so much the better.

I thought about Sheathadin for the instant heals from AoW, but the healing in Arenas seems to be too spammy for that to be effective. The HoTs ticking from SoL would be nice though....

I will say that healing in Arenas is a far cry from running around with my Stunhearald screaming "BOF! BOF!" at my paladin healer. How he must have hated me...wait, I know how much he hated me. He told me on a match by match basis, and reminds me of it to this day.

Fortunately with SS and high crits on FoL (I was seeing 9k the other night) it's really not that bad, as long as they stay in range. I'm working on getting my BoP (err - HoP, but still) and Freedom's worked in faster. I think distract is OP - if taunt can't change my target, neither should distract.

Overall I like the pace of 3s right now (yes, I know 1450 isn't high - leave me alone) and I've found PvP to be a nice little change from PvE. Even if I am still healing.


  1. It is correct you cannot dodge, parry, or block while casting. I know this from being a tankadin and learning that you may think you can squeeze a heal in while tanking, but as soon as you start casting your health drops like a rock.

    This prot healing spec is intriguing. It doesn't sound like it should work with all the things lost from holy, but when I look at the individual pieces I don't see why not, especially with lots of crit.

  2. I don't think it's a spec that is optimal at higher rankings - but I could be wrong. Running with a Rogue/Boomkin we lack that ranged CS to shut down the healer at 50% or so when we're about to burn the DPS down - Avenger's Shield brings that. It's also nice having a longer Sacred Shield.

    The 2nd biggest benefit of the spec is that while I wouldn't use it for tanking Ulduar - it's a fine spec for tanking heroics if needed. It needs a little more tuning to be ideal in Arenas - and I need to re-glyph as well.


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