Monday, June 15, 2009

A weekend of firsts - and the nerfbat

Our 25 man group finally knocked Yogg over this weekend, and it was a bittersweet victory to be sure. Now don't get me wrong, the fight is still complicated, and it's easy to wipe at 5% when you have a tank DC and the Immortals start eating your melee, but the victory was almost cheapened by the recent nerf.

Up to this point, we'd managed to sneak past every boss the week before they were whacked with a nerfbat. Everyone in the guild knew that a nerf was coming to Yogg, the only question was - when? I'm not 100% certain of course, but I had a pretty good feeling that we would have gotten him this reset regardless. Now we'll never know.

10 man progression

The 10 man I run with is smoking along nicely, though the dice gods have forsaken me and I still haven't won the quest item off IC yet. We're down to just Mimiron now (to unlock Algalon), and I suspect that will be the major focus of our attention. Once we're able to get our hour a week on Algalon, we'll start polishing off our remaining undying and rusted drake requirements.

Oh, and Sarth 3D is still on our radar. I'd love to get that knocked out, since it's still a nagging tooth from pre 3.1.

Don't nerf me bro!

Nerfs happen, it's the nature of the game. Everyone wants to be unkillable and have the ability to destroy opponents in 2 CDs, and nobody wants to be the guy begging for a raid slot (early BC Ret pally comes to mind). I imagine bosses are the same way though.

Ghostcrawler: So Yoggy baby, we've noticed that you're proving to be a bit too tough for a disproportionate number of guilds out there. We're going to try and tune you down just a touch.

Yogg-Saron: Get them off me!

G: Easy there big boy. Just because you're on a RP realm doesn't mean you have to be in character all the time.

Y-S: Sorry. Habit and all that. But really, why am I getting nerfed?

G: Technically we're not going to nerfy "you", we're just going to make a small change to your minions.

Y-S: Oh this should be rich. They already damage me when they die nearby, what's next - they kill me from across the room?

G: No, no - players will still have to navigate the clouds, and we're actually going to increase the speed thy move at (p.s. - Onyxia deep breaths more). What we're going to do is remove the Mind Control aspect in phase 1.

Y-S: WTF! I'm an OLD GOD - I managed to manipulate the bloody Titans - and you're telling me my minions can't change the actions of a few paltry adventurers? This is bullshit.

G: Hey, calm down or I'm going to have to lock this thread.

Y-S: Alright, sorry. At least I can still get some extra adds when Hodir muddles about and freezes someone in a cloud.

G: Actually...

See, now that would be funny. Of course the other bosses would all have to step in and remind Yogg that he's OP, and that they need buffs as bosses because they're too easy. I bet Void Reaver made that post a lot.


  1. honestly the nerfs are a little depressing. several fights clearly needed adjusting b/c they were virtually impossible to do (25 hard-mode XT or 2 minute hodir). however, a lot of the other fights are now jokes b/c of the nerfs.

    luckily my guild has managed to do the majority of the 25 man hard-modes and all the 10 man hard-modes pre-nerf(except mimiron who is going to get nerfed to the ground- hopefully we beat blizz to it!).

    when blizz nerfs fights prior to us downing them it honestly takes a lot out of the kill. also some fights that were perfectly tuned (like 10 man hard-mode XT) are now no challenge at all. there was a reason i stopped doing 10 man naxx and it wasn't because it was too hard. imo let the scrubs and casuals get better... don't screw up a great fight!

  2. I will say that I'm glad more folks are able to see the content - and that I like that hard modes are hard. Steelbreaker on 25s


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