Monday, June 1, 2009

On answering questions

one of the many jobs of being a guild officer is reading applications. I've seen everything from the three word answer to novels - and everything in between.

One thing that always boggles my mind however is when someone either doesn't answer a question, but instead posts some other type of information - or when they flat out refuse.

Recently we added the requirement of including a screenshot of your UI while in combat. We do this so we can see what kind of addons you're running, if it's totally custom and you might have problems on patch day, etc. It's also one of those "lets see if they can follow directions" type posts.

Regularly we get a list of addons, but no picture. Things from "I don't believe in posting shots of my UI" to just ignoring the request. It's my stance that failure to follow directions here will transfer directly into the raid instance. If you can't even be bothered to post a screenshot - or ask where/how to do it - I question your ability to stand where you're supposed to and work like a team.

Not all the officers feel this way, but these apps are an immediate no from me - just like a bad resume at work. Elitist? Maybe. But it's my rules, and I choose to stick with them.

More tomorrow - hopefully with a working Yogg strat.

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  1. I agree, I think if someone doesn't answer any one of the questions properly on the app, automatic denial.

    If your not gonna answer a simple question, or do something that we ask you to in an app, then why would you do a much more complicated thing that we ask in a raid?


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