Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear applicants

Over the last few days I've spent a bit of time reworking our application process, to include some clarification and instruction. I've even gone so far as to post instructions on how to complete some of the more 'difficult' parts of our application (posting a WWS and a screenshot of their UI in combat) which are regularly left blank. There's also a reading comprehension test though, and I think that will be the big catcher.

Why we ask

I'm sure this will turn into some kind of applicant FAQ on our site, but here I'll once again explain why it is that we ask the questions we do, and why they are important.

This should be fairly straight-forward. If you can't remember your own alt-code though (like È is 0200) you should probably look that up instead of saying "My name is Ed, but the E has one of those thingys over it". In his defense, Ed didn't do that, it's just a short name that I happen to know the alt code of.

How long have you been your current class/spec?
We want to know what kind of experiences you've had with your toon. If you tell me you were Holy in BC, but switched to ret pre-Illumination nerf, and are now trying for Holy again, you may be in for a shock. Plus even though my Paladin is Holy/Ret - I know way more about healing that retadin'ing.

What are your goals, progression wise, for a guild that you join?
We are a 25 man guild. If you're goal is to see 10 man farm content, or get your alts some hot gear - this probably isn't the place for you. If however you're willing to spend all night wiping on hard mode bosses so you can chase some server firsts..then let's talk.

What do you expect out of a guild and its officers?
Honesty is important here - but really, don't kiss our asses. We've been doing this way too long, and can smell your bullshit. Short, sweet, and to the point is the way to go here.

What should a guild and its officers expect out of you as a member?
This is your moment - right here, right now. Tell me why I want you over the 45 other DKs that applied for our melee DPS opening.

We raid on Saturday (5-10pm server), Monday, Tuesday (6:30-9:30ish server) and cover a lot of content in those three days. Will you be able to make the majority of those raids without scheduling conflicts (at least 85%)?
Here you go short answer guys - the one answer that really all we want is a yes or no. If you can, great. If you can't - some explanation will help. We all know RL > WoW - so saying "Unless something comes up" is kind of dumb. Trust me, I mock every applicant that does this.

Although gear is not normally an issue to an extent, please include your armory link (this is mandatory).
We're going to look you up no matter what. Making us chase it down will just piss me off. Bonus points if you include a link to both the Armory and to something else, like wow-heroes. Minus points if your link is broken.

How many badges of Heroism have you earned total on the character you are applying on?:
This question also (now) includes Valor and Conquest. We don't care if you have 875,000 badges between all your toons across the servers - we care about this one particular one. Guesses don't count - we know how to find the actual number. You should too.

Please list your current guild, as well as any guild you have been a member of.
We mean all guilds. Again, we have ways of checking. Don't be stupid and tell me you were a member of Ensidia - I mean, I know the game changes, but they still don't allow EU-US transfers - much less Horde-Alliance. We're going to follow up and do our research, and we're going to call you on gaping holes in your timeline. Having an answer up front will be better.

Why did you choose to leave these previous guilds?
Another non-optional question, and we're going to follow up. Generic open ended answers just make our bullshit detectors tingle, and make it more likely that we're going to probe further. Also, telling us to "ask in game" pisses us off too. We're going to either record or screenshot your interview anyway - might as well put it on 'paper' now.

The next three questions are more "tell us about you" types. Asking if you're easily offended, what kind of music you would want on an island, and if you're a sinner or saint is more about giving you an opportunity to tell us about you. We know there's a person behind that keyboard, share a little.

The last three questions are the ones that are non-negotiable. Failure to answer any of the three will get the appliction of Jesus himself rejected.

Please link a W.W.S. report where you are performing the role you have applied for. (Required)
Maybe it's the 'please' that throws people off. We're not asking, we're telling. There's instructions in the applications forum thread on how to do this. We don't need a WWS from a 2 hour 3 healer Naxx clear, any WotLK heroic will work. This question let's us get a sneak peek at you - and shows us that you're willing to follow directions to accomplish a goal.

Please link a screenshot of your U.I. during combat. (Required)
I don't care if you think it's stupid or not necessary. I want to see what you see in combat. Do you have DBM/BigWigs running? Is Omen out? Is recount the center of your screen? Again, detailed instructions in the Applications thread for your viewing.

Finally the Test - one question that is based on the "Read this before applying" post on our forums. Missing this one means you're pretty much an idiot.

This process isn't for my benefit. Do it or don't, but don't come asking for an explanation of why you didn't get a ginvite when you can't be bothered to fill out an application.

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