Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 is the number

Just say no to mergers.

Then did they create the guild Parabola, saying 'Bless this, O Blizzard, that with it we mayst conquer thine enemies and complete thine achievments while gathering thine epics.
And the horde did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and toads and Night Elves and gnomes and dwarves and did cower in our wake...
Now did Mongrr say, 'First though signest the guild charter.
Then thou must add members to ten.
Ten shall be the number of the members, and the member numbers shall be ten.
Eleven shalt thou not count, neither shalt the count be nine, excepting that we then proceedeth to ten.
Twenty-Fie is right out.
Once the number ten, being the number of the members, be reached, then lobbest thou the guild Parabola in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty and hoarding of great epics, shall snuff it."


  1. I would consider a merge with Ensidia, but Munkin is gonna have to get used to the bench while I get my loot.

    Anyone else is S.O.L.

  2. One of my non-raiding guildies asked if we be interested in doing joint 25-man runs with this other guild (we're also a 10-man guild) and even at that I said if some people are interested, cool, but we would not be adding another raid night to the schedule. I retired to the 10-man environment for a reason.

    Then I looked at the other guild (which I was not familiar with), and they're not anywhere near us progression-wise. >_<

  3. I still get those funny looks when I tell people that I don't do 25 man raids in a serious fashion. Then again, I get those same kind of looks when I tell them that I don't tank, or heal, or anything else that doesn't involve me being terribly delicious. Oh, and I do 12k DPS on my default setting.


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