Monday, October 12, 2009

Dangerously Delicious

Fear not - this isn't a post about some boring fishing daily - instead it's a post about a great game on The Price is Right......Plinko.

It's also a complaint to Red Robin. I went there for lunch and on the menu of Deliciousness I saw neither Amathalanea, nor the Wombcrusher listed. For those that don't know, Amathalanea is the name I chose when I switched to being a delicious blood elf, and Wombcrusher is the Paladin who taught me all I know about Paladining - except for Prot. That guy doesn't know balls about tanking. His net experience with tanking anything consists of a few pulls in Karazhan pre-usher nerf. He'd blow his wings and run in praying for heals while he blew everything had to get agro. It was effective though, and let us single tank the rest of the instance.

Anyway - on to the point of this post.

This weekend was the AV holiday, and I needed a few new pieces of Furious gear to go with my season or two behind set. Hey, I'm a PvE machine - get off my back. Anyway, there we are - two diminutive female Belfadins - racing for Stonehearth Bunker. A quick run through, and we've now increased our chances of winning by at least 2%.

Here's the fun part.

Even though we're not identical any more (damn having five different sets of gear!), Womb and I both were running identical Ret specs, with Engineering. This is where Plinko comes in.

Take a standard tower - IB, TP, etc - add two retadins Divine Storming for greatness, a pair of wings, and......Nitro Boosts. That's right. For a few terrifying seconds we'd bounce around the inside of the tower spinning in circles and SoC cleaving for justice. A few rounds of that, and the Allies generally just give up on our tower and head for softer ground.

I'd heal, but I'm much too busy being delicious.

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