Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Monger Metal Update

I think I must be in a guild full of writers. Fully 25%* of our total members are now active WoW bloggers. There might be more, but they're keeping quiet for now.

To learn about priestly things, but only the healing parts (Monger doesn't do shadow) - head over to - there's also a healthy dose of metal review - as Monger is a pretty big headbanger.

Monger is quite possibly the best priest I've every grouped with. One of the best things about him is his total willingness to try anything. He was a guy who was two manning Scholo - back before BWL was even available. He's also saved my tanking bacon more than once.

*Our guild only has 12 members, so it's not like we're fielding a team to compete with the Times.


  1. I think we just do it because it gives us something to do on our off nights.


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