Thursday, October 1, 2009

Algalon down - a monkey off our back

What an awesome end to a great raid week. First a successful alliance/PUG with one of the other Horde guilds to take down Ony 25 (lol - she's still cute) - followed by an amazing kill of Algalon. I don't know what was better - that Mongrr called it as being a 4th attempt kill - or that we finally knocked him off. I don't care that we did it in a ton of 245 gear either.

I also picked up the Stam/Parry trinket off Yogg. Mmmm.


  1. congrats! nice to see you guys finally got him. yes, i do read your blog every now and then. for whatever reason we have only attempted him maybe 3 times despite getting my 2nd rusted about 3 weeks after the S&S thing fell apart. hopefully we will get another shot at him this week.

    so far ToC10/25 has been a badge farm fests to say the least. heroics versions are pretty fun though. we finished last week with 48 attempts left after a couple little mistakes in P2 of Anub. going back in tonight for our weekly heroic run and aiming for a perfect 50. but who knows, one random D/C from the wrong person and bye bye Tribute to Insanity.

    good luck in the future.

  2. Hey Panther - yeah, we actually hadn't faced off on him in a few weeks. ToC 10 is all we do - I think I'd be pretty bored if I was running multiple 10s, plus 25s.

  3. update: so we just finished our H ToC10 with 49 attempts left =( goddamn kiting phase again.

    and then promptly went over to Algalon and spanked him on the 4th try i think it was to get our Starcaller titles. the fight didn't seem nearly as hard now with our 232/245 gear. bitter/sweet i guess.


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