Friday, October 2, 2009

A kick in the junk

So as a capper to what should have been an awesome week of celebration and cheer (Tribute to Insanity, Algalon, etc), we instead got a giant plate of suck handed to us. Someone got the account info of one of our shaman, and proceeded to clean out our guild bank.

I suppose it wasn't enough for them to sell all of Marc's stuff, but they had to delete all his badge/PvP gear as well. I mean really - the 40k in gold, stacks of gems/flasks/etc that they got from our bank (plus the other banks from his alts on other servers that were hit) wasn't enough? I sincercly hope there is a special place in hell for these guys.

Now - I understand that account security is the responsibility of the player, not Blizzard - but I can't let Blizzard off the hook entirely here. Somehow, even with the restrictions set to x stacks and y gold per day - this guy was able to strip out the entire gbank in under 20 minutes. GG.

Fortunately we have a week off from raiding while one of our guildies is sentenced to life in prison (marrige) so there's a chance we could have a portion returned by the time we get back to regular raiding. Until then, we're going to be dragging a naked Cow through content to get him something that resembles gear.



  1. You used the wrong instance of "your". I would suggest taking a look at the MLA style sheet for commonly made grammar and spelling mistakes. You want to use the contraction form of "you are" i.e. "you're". It was a good effort, though, all trolling aside. I'd give it a B-.

  2. Unless he is using it as a posessive, right? Maybe he is saying that "This is your shit" in which case he would be correct.

    Perhaps he has a friend named "Your", while unlikely he could be making the simple statement that Your, did indeed, shit. He would sill be guilty of a capitalization error, but "Your" would still be correct.

    I'm gonna go with a straight B, only because he has now earned two responses making him above average but this is by no means A material.

    p.s. Anonymous, you're shit.


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