Friday, March 25, 2011

2-Healing H-Magmaw

Our second kill of H-Magmaw occured this week, with us 'officially' 2 healing it. I say officially, becuase last week we 3 healed it for a few minutes, and then 2 healed it after our druid ate something nasty and fell over. Here's our WoL from the kill, it's definately easy to tell when his head was down.

Feeling Cataclysmic

I have to say that this is really the first fight where I felt like the healing was the way it was supposed to be in Cata. It felt like healing heroics in greens, being way undergeared, and just struggling - except, not.

The difference was, everything was working like it was supposed to. Cooldowns were used, mana was conserved and regened properly, and the raid flexed extremely well. One comment was made by our MT though that really made Monger and I /headshake. He asked if we shouldn't three heal it because everyone's HP was fluctuating so low - generally around 50-75%. Monger summed it up perfectly.

Welcome to Cataclsym healing.

That is exactly what it was supposed to be like. None of the hits that killed anyone on previous attemts would have been avoided if we'd run 3 healers or 5. You take a 150k shot, and odds are, you're smoked. Also, unless you're the tank, what the hell are you doing taking that shot? All that damage should either be avoided or mitigated. You don't need to be at 100% HP all the time.

How we did it

Our healing team is typically Monger and myself - Priest and Paladin. I suppose this is why I laugh at those who say they need a healer channel, especially in 10m (25 I can kind of see it). If I need to make a change with Monger it's just a /w away. If we're three healing, I have vent. It doesn't hurt that this isn't our first time healing together either.

For healing, I focused on the MT, while Monger healed the raid. If you look at our healing done by actor, you can see that about 50% of my healing was on Vonkaiser, and Monger was very evenly spread over the raid. Almost as if our classes were designed to work that way!

We used a Pally tank on Magmaw, with a DK picking up the skele adds. Parasites were kited by the hunter and frost mage, and nuked by everyone. Skeles were burned down as needed, and we timed an impale for the phase change and Bloodlust.

Bring me more

This is what I've really been looking forward to in Cata fights. This was one of the first fights I've finished near empty, and really had to dig out all the tricks on. I'm hoping for more of the same on Atramedes and Maloriak.


  1. I'm looking forward to adding H Atramedes to our 2 heal kill list. My healing comment about 3 healing was made on the fly and I believe misunderstood, at any rate it doesn't bother me. I'm gald we did it and look forward to the repeat this coming week.

    Now if we can only gang up on Monger to convince him to try a few more 2 heal H Chimaeron attempts. It could be more manageable as we all gear up.


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